10 Stylish Japanese Brands you Need to Know


Have you been browsing through 100s of websites looking for that stylish look but just couldn’t find it? Well, maybe you’ve been looking it in all the wrong places. Although there are many brands we rely on for our fashion fixes, there are a tonne of others that we just don’t know about – and the new cool kids on the block at the moment are the Japanese brands. We at SANT have gathered a list of the best brands available to shop online, so you don’t have to travel to Japan.



Based on different street styles, Jouetie mixes colour and vintage silhouettes for women that want to express themselves without being caught in the same outfit as a stranger on the street.

We love this cool and original brand; their creations are super kawaii and funky! Be sure to check out the accessories as well; we love this grumpy cat black bag and the Fresh to Death mug! Website: http://jouetie.com




Another street style brand is Gyda, which mixes simple colours such as blue, black, grey, white and khaki green, creating comfortable jackets and t-shirts. Check out their lovely orange-red pumps, steel blue ribbed beanie, and their awesome denim jumpsuit.

Website: http://gyda.jp



Merry Jenny’s new summer collection concept is based on the virgin lady closet, which features immaculate lines and pure colours such as blue and white. The design is simple and comfortable, suitable for those sunny days out in the fields.

Website: http://merryjenny.jp




Laguna Moon’s designs are pretty basic but so stylish. We love the golden shell bag and the brown salopettes, as well as their dual-brown leather bag and the khaki bomber jacket.

Website: http://www.lagunamoon.net




Our Ungrid’s fave pick list features the looks of the explorer woman. Keeping it natural with tones of brown, white and camo prints, we have a call to the wild here. Their designs are for women who like to be free and want to feel the comfort in their everyday adventures.

Website: http://ungrid.jp




Eat Me’s clothing is just as unique as the name of the brand. They feature designs inspired by Lolita Girls, as well as feminine dresses and lace tops. They mix adult clothes with cute accessories and hot pink stilettos.

Website: http://www.stylife.co.jp/brand-EATME




Evris is designed for young modern girls that have a teenage vibe and colourful needs. Their summer collection is full of printed tops and patterned trousers.

Website: http://evris.jp




Although they don’t have many accessories, Mico Ameri makes up for it in everything else they do. Featuring tulle and sandals, the concept reminds us of a modern ballerina in her everyday outings.

Website: http://micoameri.jp




Emoda mixes simple lines and original pieces. They like to make their customers feel comfortable and clean. Their sweaters, shirts and tops are large and neat. The minimalist look is at the heart of any modern day Japanese dresser.

Website: http://emoda-japan.com




And finally, we left the most stylish brand for last. Pameo Pose brings together a variety of Japanese cultural traits with retro fashions. They have anime inspired earrings and shoes, and 60s vibe salopettes and swimwear.

Website: http://pameopose.com


Words: Vanessa Venturi

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