12 Days of Child Exploitation Advent Calendar

The first day of December marks the countdown to Christmas. Nothing symbolises the countdown to Christmas more than a 24-day advent calendar, preferably filled with chocolates. Self-proclaimed beauty guru Zoella, however, was under fire recently for releasing her 12-day advent calendar.

Parents have taken to Twitter as well as the Boots website to express their disappointment, anger, and frustration, labelling it as complete and utter tat and a rip-off.

The entire contents of the calendar are worth only around £20, but first appeared in the Boots catalogue for £65, then reduced to £50.

It is marketed as the ultimate Christmas calendar containing amazing and exclusive treats. Vlogger JaackMaate completely shredded this calendar apart in his latest video where he gave a very honest and brutal review revealing its contents.

Inside, it includes things like a bag of confetti, stickers, a notebook, a pen (which can be used to write a letter of complaint to Zoella), cookie cutters, room spray.

Yankee Candles have their own advent calendar for £24.99 which includes 24 doors, which is a bargain considering their candles are usually expensive. Poundland took the opportunity to mock Zoella by tweeting a picture of their own version of her calendar which amounted to £13. Following this controversy, Boots have slashed the price to £25.

Zoella has since commented, “The calendar is something I’ve worked hard on for a year. I am all about the creativity. I am very happy with it and love it. It is not about the price it is about the creativity.”

YouTube is a great platform for anyone to show off their creativity, express themselves, and build an empire, but nobody should use their position of power to exploit their loyal fanbase since they would be nothing without their subscribers.


The majority of Zoella’s subscribers are preteen girls. Someone with that much influence should act as a role model instead of abusing their status to make money from innocent children. This latest scandal just feeds into the notion that we have lost the true meaning of Christmas as it has become too commercialised and greedy.


Words: Louisa Eagle

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