13 Horror Movies That You Absolutely Must Watch At Halloween

Because the most spine-chilling night of the year is on its way, we thought it would be just right to make a list of 13 horror films you ought to watch for your Halloween festivity.

Get your popcorn bowls filled to the brim, let the fake spider webs hang across the corners of the ceiling, light the candles inside your carved Halloween pumpkins, and enter the world of the undead with our best movie suggestions for this year.




The screening of Stephen King’s novel follows the story of a couple who fights against the sinister force which feeds on the local children’s flesh.



Mother! portrays the horrifying story of a couple who is tested to the limits by the unwelcome guests that show up at their doorstep.



Five medical students engage in a dangerous experiment: stopping their hearts for a short period of time, each of them encounters a near-death experience that shows them what can happen in a world beyond.


Annabelle: Creation

Many years after the death of their little girl, a doll creator and his wife welcome a group of little girls and their guardian nun into their home. Unfortunately for them, the girls become the targets of the possessed doll once lovingly built by the man. Meet Annabelle!


Amityville: The Awakening

Belle, her twin brother, their younger sister, and their mother move into a new home because they need to save up money to support the brother’s health condition. Soon enough, however, supernatural events begin to take place.


Get Out

A film that is not at all comfortable, even a bit satirical, about what can happen when an African-American man visits his fiancée’s family on an isolated farm.


The Vault

Two sisters who have not talked for a long time are forced to rob a bank to save their brother. The problem is that this is not a regular bank.


The Snowman

An Elite Unit Detective (Michael Fassbender) investigates the disappearance of a victim on the first snow day of winter, and he has every reason to fear that a serial killer who has escaped through his fingers is active again.



One of the most well-known horror franchises of all time makes its return, taking Jigsaw’s criminal and sadistic qualities to the next level.


The Belko Experiment

The film presents the story of 80 Americans corporate workers who find themselves held hostage in a skyscraper in Bogota, Colombia. Directed by a mysterious voice from the intercom system, they are forcefully driven into a bloody game in which they have to kill or be killed.


The Dark Tower

Roland Deschain finds a portal to a parallel universe after being tormented by visions of a black man and a dark tower. Walking through the desert landscape in search of the objects of his obsession, he finally finds the last Gunslinger and soon realises that the future of everything depends on them protecting the Dark from the Man in Black.



Thirty years before the deathly film cassette came out, Samara Morgan is adopted after her mother goes mad. Maltreated by her adoptive parents, Samara is locked up in a well, giving birth to the famous curse.


The Bye Bye Man

When three students encounter an evil entity, they soon realise that the only way of salvation is described by the phrase: “Don’t think it, don’t say it, don’t say it, don’t think it”. Unfortunately, once installed in your consciousness, this identity takes control… the Bye Bye Man!





Words: Francesca Lucarelli


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