5 Essential Halloween Tutorials and DIYs To Get You Inspired



Halloween is the best and worst time of the year. On the one hand, you can get as creative and creepy as you want. But, on the other hand, getting the perfect costume is one heck of a chore. If you have no idea where to start, check out some of these costume tutorials to give you some inspiration. Mix them up and add them together in whatever combination to make an easy and awesome costume.


Fake Blood

If you want to dress up as Carrie for Halloween or set up a murder scene to stage a party you’re probably thinking that you’re going to have to buy hundreds of those teeny-tiny bottles of fake blood. Even when you have the amount you want it might not look right. Sometimes they’re not the right consistency or colour, or they dry too quickly. When you want to terrify your friends or gross out a bunch of strangers you don’t want to be embarrassed by flaky or runny blood. So, instead of going through all that trouble, you should make your own. That way you can have as much blood as you want and it’ll look just how you want it. Courtesy of ‘Wonder How To’, these tutorials will tell you exactly how to make the perfect fake blood for any situation.




This is the sort of DIY that you could turn into literally anything. Dress up one of these with a white dress and be a unicorn, or with red and be a devil, or a bull, or a ram, or a mother-in-law. The possibilities stretch as far as your imagination.


The only tool you might not be able to get your hands on easily is a hot glue gun, but other than that the materials barely cost anything. You just need tin foil, newspaper a hair band and some spray paint.

Find Klaire De Lys’s Tutorial Here


Fake wounds

Fake wounds make the easiest Halloween costumes. You can be a zombie anything and be as creative as you want when it comes to the character. The easiest thing to do would probably use latex, but it takes a bit of practice to get the hang of it and could be a little bit pricey. There is a great alternative, though.


All you’ll need is PVA glue, toilet paper, makeup (foundation and eye shadow) and some fake blood. The results are scary but the cost definitely isn’t.

Alexander K’s Tutorials Can Be Found Here


A Masquerade Mask

Okay, so it’s probably a lot easier to just buy a mask, but where’s the fun in that? How are you going to find a mask that perfectly matches that outfit you’ve been wanting to wear for ages but never got the opportunity to because it’s a bit too “out there” to wear in normal situations so now you’re making the best out of a bad purchase by wearing it for Halloween? Well, why not make a mask to match? Making the mask is the easiest part. The only tricky part is decorating it, which entirely depends on how much you’re willing to invest in it.


You could make it as bland or extravagant as you want it and match it to any sort of costume. If you wanted you could probably just chuck a bottle of glitter at it afterwards and be done, but that’s not nearly as fun. To make the actual mask you’ll just need paper (plain and coloured), cardboard, scissors, glue and string. The rest of it is up to you.

Find Makoccino’s Tutorial Here


Cat Ears (Using Your Hair)

This tutorial is a cost effective, low maintenance, awesome addition to a feline costume and adds a bit of creative flair. If you have medium to long hair this would definitely be a cool look to experiment with.


There are two different looks in this tutorial; one that needs a curling iron and hair spray while the other just needs hair pins a couple of pipe cleaners. Afterwards you could just slap on some whiskers and be the coolest cat (sorry) at the party.

Find Kayley Melissa’s Tutorial Here



Words: Alicia Hempsted


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