Spring Trends to D.I.Y. For

Upcycling and making your own clothes is not as hard as it looks. You don’t have to just stare in jealousy at all the amazing D.I.Y. styles on ‘Pinterest’. You can do that! There are so many great looks out there that you can recreate with a pair of scissors and some patience. If you know how to find the right materials and manage to master some basic sewing techniques, you can save a lot of money, keep up easily with current trends and learn some great skills that will definitely come in handy in the future.

To help out those that might be strapped for cash or just looking for a spring project to keep their hands busy, we’ve scavenged the web and hunted down the best DIY tutorials to recreate some of this year’s spring styles.

Lace and Lingerie


Lace, despite its delicacy, is probably one of the most resilient fabrics in fashion; it never truly goes out of style. If you can ever find lace that suits you – grab it! Grab it with both hands, put it in a secret box, lock it up tight and don’t throw it away! It will come in handy on your epic D.I.Y. adventure. This season would be a great example to show you why you need to save your lace. ‘Calvin Klein’, ‘Givenchy’ and ‘Wes Gordon’ have incorporated lace and lingerie in their spring collection this year.


Now, while you might not be completely brave enough to leave the house in a silk nightgown just yet, there’s always a way to recreate these looks and keep your dignity intact. Why not a try a layered lace skirt? You can dress it up in any way you want, chose from a multitude of lengths and colours to suit your style, and decide for yourself how much lace is the right amount. Blogger, Erica Chan Coffman, on her website ‘Honestly WTF’ has a great tutorial on how to make your own lace layering skirt. Be forewarned that this tutorial involves some sewing, so if you’re not a confident seamstress or don’t have a sewing machine, then you might want to save this D.I.Y. for when you’re more prepared. Of course, hand sewing is an option but only if you have a steady hand and a lot of patience.

If you have the tools, all you’ll need is a half slip (cotton or nylon, preferably) and some lace. The end product is gorgeous and fantastically versatile.

Click Here to visit HonestlyWTF’s lace skirt tutorial

The Fringe


Fringes have been trending on and off for some time now, especially during the festival seasons when the best way to jazz up old t-shirts is to fringe the hell out of it. After seeing it brought back this spring by such designers as Prabal Gurung, Derek Lam and Dion Lee, maybe it’s about time to step up your fringing game and try something a little more challenging.


Geneva Vanderzeil on her blog ‘A Pair and a Spare’ has an easy tutorial on how to make your own leather fringe clutch. The only tools you’ll need are some leather/suede, leather chord, a hole punch and scissors. No sewing required. The only difficult thing about this tutorial might be finding the materials but if you have the time to take a look around, you’ll have no problem getting your hands on them. As for the leather cord, if you can’t find any then you could always cut some spare leather into strips and make your own. The first rule of D.I.Y. is making the most out of what you’ve got.

Click Here to visit APairAndASpare’s fringe clutch tutorial

Shirts and Bare Shoulders


This D.I.Y. project we’ve found is sort of a two in one. Zac Posen, Tome and Monse have all redesigned the classic white shirt in their spring collections, whilst ‘Givenchy’ and Jason Wu have taken a fresh look at last spring’s off the shoulder style.


Erica Stolman on her blog ‘Fashion Lush’ has a quick tutorial that matches these two styles perfectly. From an old, oversized white shirt you can make a chic, off the shoulder top that’s easy to wear and easy to make. This is another tutorial that requires a bit of sewing but nothing too complicated. If you can sew a straight line you’ve already nailed it. All you need is a shirt, some elastic and a sewing kit; not much for a final product that can be worn in a number of ways.

Click Here to visit FashionLush’s restyled shirt tutorial

Dye, dye, dye!

Once you get into upcycling there are a few things that you tend to hoard. One of those things in particular is fabric dyes. Have a stain on your shirt that won’t wash out? Dye it. Have an old pair of jeans that are looking a bit faded and worn? Dye them. Have a set of pillowcases you don’t use anymore because that once gleaming white is looking a bit grey and dirty? Dye them! As soon as you discover the magical, rejuvenating powers of fabric dye, it will become your best friend.


This spring we are seeing a lot of bright colours being brought back; Baja East with bright orange and blue; Jonathan Saunders’s seventies inspired prints and stripes; Gucci’s urban space inspired colour and pattern mismatching, and not to mention the tie dye that was all over New York fashion week. When the sun finally comes out, make the most of it. Bulk buy those dyes, get yourself outside and breathe some much needed life back into those old clothes. It’s easy and a lot of fun to experiment with colours. Just make sure you test them before you go crazy with your favourite clothes.

Obviously, it’s illogical to settle on only one colour or dying technique, so we’ve found you three different dye D.I.Y.s for you to choose from.


How To Dip Dye:

A tutorial by ‘Free The People’ on how to create a speckled, dip dyed t-shirt. A nice change from the usual one tone dip dye we’re all used to seeing.


Click Here to visit FreeThePeople’s tutorial


How to Ombre:

An awesome tutorial for a dyed ombre maxi dress by Julie Lan at her blog ‘Pop Champagne’. It makes it look so easy!


Click Here to visit PopChampagne’s tutorial


16 different Tie Dye Techniques:

An amazing tutorial that shows you all the different folding techniques you can use to make different tie dye patterns by blogger Stephanie Lynn.


Click Here to visit ByStephanieLynn’s tutorial

Once you get a handle on these basic tutorials you are on your way to making your own D.I.Y projects. Check out each of these blogs for more fashion and lifestyle D.I.Ys for you to try out.

Words: Alicia Hempsted


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