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The Oscars this year was, as always, a fantastic spectacle of red carpet luxury fashion and haute couture. However, there is a challenge that goes on among the ruffles of lace and silk, called the Red Carpet Green Dress Challenge. This campaign is now heading into its seventh consecutive year and continues to challenge designers to create innovative, ethical and sustainable dresses suitable for the red carpet (more information here).


Now, from the ‘environmental green’ to the ‘actual green’! St Patrick’s day is fast approaching and its time to dig out any green items of clothing you may own. People tend to shy away from wearing green, sometimes because they don’t like it, sometimes because they feel it doesn’t suit them, or sometimes because they just don’t know how to style it. Below is a collage of green clothing, accessories and shoes, so we, at SANT, can dress you up for a night of dancing at your local ‘O’Neils’ this St Paddy’s day!

Image 1

Though any fashionista out there will be able to style and create some amazing looks with everything above, here we will be focusing on three key pieces:

The first garment to look out for is the green mesh skirt (top left corner), which you can purchase from (£35).

Below is an outfit selection we think would look perfect for a slightly more dressy night at a nice bar or restaurant.

Image 2

The second outfit’s key piece is the draped jacket right in the middle of the collage. This jacket can be purchased from (£40) and we think it would look amazing in this dressed down casual look – just right for a pub night out, and of course, plenty of Guinness!


Image 3


The last item we chose to highlight is this gorgeous patterned bag (left), which you can pick up from (£34). We absolutely love this print and think it’s perfect for someone who may not be very confident wearing green, as this is a good stepping stone and injects some much needed colour into quite a plain outfit.

Image 4

So, here’s to hoping the weather’s perked up a bit before March 17th and that you all, if you haven’t already, add some green into your outfits, so you can properly celebrate St Patrick’s day!


Are you a green addict? A green-fearful? And more importantly, how are you going to celebrate the St Patrick’s in style? Let us know below or tweet us at @santmagazine #KeepitGreen




Words: Meg Plenderleith

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