Chloé Spring/Summer 2016 Collection


There are plenty of words that could describe Chloé’s 2016 Spring/Summer collection. Colourful, relaxed, and elegant are a few but all fall short of the diverse array of designs that the collection hosts. When viewing a collection there is usually a running theme throughout and although this is true of ‘Chloé’s’ Spring/Summer, we are especially impressed with the fact that this collection has a bigger array of styles, and all of them are stunning.


During this season, the fashion house has created a variety of styles, from a sporty 90s look to a more laid back festival style. Never the less every single piece has been lovingly created and put together to create this diverse spectrum of design. One of the most interesting styles is the reinvention of the track suit. When we think of a track suit, haute couture does not come to mind, however, this is exactly what ‘Chloé’ has made it. The track suit once associated with Vicky Pollard, has been recreated into a stylish, classy outfit – classy enough to turn heads with ‘Kill Bill’ stripes that are almost considered as chic. However, the tracksuit is not the only sporty design that has been added to the collection, or indeed individual pieces. Flowing skirts and sports tops have been mashed together, whilst the ‘Kill Bill’ stripes have been elegantly added to long baggy trousers to mix in with the collections festival hippy look.


The festival look does still holds its own in the collection though, and it has all the colour and flare that you’d expect from such a designer. With such a beautiful array of dresses with flowing skirts it quite takes your breath away and forces you to forget that a track suit ever existed. Natural and elegant, ‘Chloé’ is making a tribute to the 60s, whilst also paying homage to a certain type of woman. Creative, relaxed, cool and chic they have made us envy her, but desire to be her. With baggy burgundy jumpsuits, loose paisley blouses, rainbow dresses and bright knitted off shoulder jumpers, it seems hard not to love and want to be this woman whilst shopping high and low for such items. But, this is not the only lady to appear, a pretty delicate girl is present and she is perfection. Using a short 20s style cut, this part of the ‘Chloé’ collection features light laces and silks in the form of camisole dresses, which are now definitely in. After seeing these ‘Chloe’ designs you’ll be looking through your underwear draw in search of lace and silks to replicate them with. We have rarely seen a collection of clothes that are so relaxed, simplistic and elegant. Whichever Chloé girl you wish to be, whether it’s sporty, arty or pretty, you cannot deny the pure joy of this collection.

Words: Elena Hatfield.

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