The 80s are back and so is the perm

30 years on, the 80s is having a fashion revival, with neon sports jackets, fanny packs, slogan tees, and washed out jeans being seen on the streets. And once again, perms are cool.

Perms may not have had the greatest reputation in the past, but some celebrities are rocking the look and are giving us serious hair envy. You think perms, you think Madonna and Olivia Newtown John. But Blake Lively, Perrie Edwards, and Kim Kardashian are just a few of those who have been seen working the modern-day perm. George Papanikolas, Matrix SoColor celebrity stylist, says the perm is gaining popularity in LA for its “ability to give clients a natural wave or bend in the hair”.



From the beach to the red carpet. Kim Kardashian works a wet-look perm, looking natural and effortless.

One of the reasons that the perms in the 80s had such tight and frizzy curls were because of the rods. The smaller the rods, the tighter the perm. However, the modern perm has bigger rods, making the curls look natural and wavy. Plus, we have more styling and conditioning products than they did back in the 80s to ensure that hair stays in the best possible condition.


Halle Berry working the tight curl perm on the red carpet.

Always consult your stylist before the treatment. If you’ve had your hair coloured, the chemicals in a perm can make your hair go frizzy and dry, which can take years to be reversed. Not many hairdressers still do the perm because of the damage that it can do to the hair. However, some hairdresser offer ‘thio-free’ perms, which may not be as damaging as your average perm and they have less of an odour. However, the curls won’t stay in as long as your traditional perm.

If you’ve never coloured your hair and you want beach waves 24/7, this is the treatment for you. If you have coloured hair, and don’t want to risk the damage and frizz, we recommend getting a tight curling wand so you can create your own (not so permanent) perm.


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