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For women with darker skin tones it is quite difficult at times to venture out to the drugstore and find make-up that actually suits your skin tone, especially when it comes to lipsticks.

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The battle women of colour face with the misrepresentative title, ‘nude’ is a ongoing one. Nude shoes, nude lingerie, nude clothes and of course nude lips are very misleading because it only caters towards one tone. It has always been hard to find the perfect shade that won’t wash you out and looks great. Companies need to be more aware as they need to draw attention to the fact that skin tone really does matter. It’s about acknowledging the difference and being honest to your consumer by not pretending other skin tones don’t exist or that we’ll go somewhere else and find a different shade. One shade that looks a certain way on one woman may differ completely on another.

Here are a few lipstick suggestions that would be great for a person of darker/warmer skin tones.


Brown Nudes

‘MAC’ makeup is famously known for its lipsticks and does a good range of nude browns, which are perfect for women with darker skin colours. A famous, hyped over lipstick is ‘MAC’s’, ‘Whirl’. If you want a matte lipstick that doesn’t dry out your lips but still looks flawlessly matte on the lips, then ‘Whirl’ is the lipstick for you. It’s exceptionally creamy and nourishing which is very rare for a matte lipstick and with the perfect lip liner this lipstick is the ultimate nude brown look.

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If you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to ‘MAC’ lipsticks but you’re still searching for that great nourishing matte nude brown finish, then why not try ‘NYX’ soft matte lip cream in ‘London’ and ‘Abu Dhabi’. Named after great capital cities around the world, ‘NYX’ brings you great smelling and hydrating matte lip creams in a great selection of nude browns. ‘Abu Dhabi’ and ‘London’ come in gorgeous brown tones, that are great for warmer and darker skin tones.


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Dark Red Lips


Who can forget the dark vampy lip that has been on trend this season? Every year the dark vampy look returns, especially around the winter seasons. These vampy lipsticks are perfect for the woman with a darker skin colour as they instantly can pull together any outfit. ‘Maybelline’s’ new collection of colour sensational matte lipsticks includes the shade ‘Divine Wine’, it is the go to dark red lipstick and is also very affordable.

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We’re sure you’re familiar with ‘MAC’s’ ‘Ruby Woo’, a gorgeous red colour that is perfect for all occasions. This is a classic red lipstick that is wearable all year round.


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The Purple Lip

Brave and daring, the purple lip is the perfect colour for women with a darker skin tone. Rock the streets with the stunning and luxurious ‘Charlotte Tilbury’s’ matte Revolution lipsticks in ‘Glastonbury’. This slightly lighter shade of purple looks exquisite on darker, richer skin tones.

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Again a famous favourite of everyone is ‘MAC’s’ ‘Rebel’. This beautiful berry purple look is great on all skin tones. Go on be brave in this dazzling colour.

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Let us know what brand of lipstick you’re loving this season by commenting below.



Words: Naseema Khanom


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