SANT is a Swedish word that means true. Our magazine is committed to representing the wonderful diversity of people in all the corners of the world, no matter what gender, size, sexuality or skin colour they happen to have.
With over 10 000 readers per month, SANT Magazine is rapidly becoming a defining hub for learning all you need to know about international trends in the world of fashion, design and lifestyle.


Giving the opportunity

Breaking into the fashion world is hard work and having no experience makes it nearly impossible – knowing where to start can be difficult. SANT gives the opportunity for individuals to gain that crucial experience and set them on the right path to realising their dreams.

Since we started in 2014 we have achieved a great deal. Not only have we helped to nurture the talents of hundreds of passionate individuals and break them into the industry but we have also collaborated with people from over 40 different countries, sent over 50 people to international Fashion Week shows, published over 1,000 articles, and most importantly, we have provided individuals from different backgrounds with valuable insight into the fashion world and given them the chance to be part of a global team.

Dream bigger

We believe that no dream should go unfulfilled, so we provide people from around the world with the opportunity to have their talents recognized and get the support and encouragement they need to realise their full potential.

We want to teach, inspire and build a dedicated workforce so that we can expand and reach out to the world. By doing so, we want to touch all areas of the fashion world and produce material that will inspire even more people to see fashion without boundaries.

Join us today and contribute to a more diverse world of fashion!

“I think Fashion without Boundaries is the next step, overpassing the traditional concept.”

We hope you believe in this idea, and spread and support it, like we do.