An Italian Classic- Dolce & Gabbana

When a brand stands back and looks at its roots, when it admires its heritage and embraces its nation’s pride, that is when a brand can truly be identified, as that country’s own.

When looking at Vivienne Westwood and her British Heritage, tweed is placed alongside rebellion, aristocracy combines with tartan, and classical tailoring mimics the 18th century. The same can be seen for Tommy Hilfiger: embracing the American Dream, pulling together American sports and American idols, to create a unique brand image. But all of this doesn’t compare to one brand, a brand who is stitching together past and present, a brand who looks back, not only to its archives, but also to its country’s history; Dolce and Gabbana are relighting the medieval spark.


There is no stopping the magic at Dolce and Gabbana shows, held place in a mythical land, with ancient trees, otherworldly greenery and an eery sense of a regal past – it feels like you could be in a land filled with dragons and castles. One by one, the models reveal an enchanting realm of garments, each leaving the critics completely spell bound.


Each outfit holds so much character and history, from the embroidery to the beading, it is clear to make the connections between medieval past and luxury haute couture. All the outfits are very fitted and remain completely feminine, flaunting curves, whilst the embellishment captures and entrances the eyes of passers by. The golden baroque clutch bag and gloves, teamed with a black fitted tunic, feels beautifully bewitching.


Whether it is the chainmail remade into embellished and jeweled headscarfs, or the armour recreated as an enchanting haute couture gown, there is simply no stopping Dolce and Gabbana. Season after season, they create the most extraordinary catwalk shows, and dress the best dressed on every red carpet. From the Met Ball, to premieres and award shows, it is easy to spot a D&G gown: it’s the woman dressed like a princess from head to toe; an outfit mimicking a Queen.


The magic of the brand doesn’t stop there; they have kept the Italian flame alight for years. Picture Italy: do you think of a small, narrow, cobbled street, lined with shops, people smiling, whilst the sun beams down? How about some old ladies cluttered around a small table, sharing a coffee and having a mid morning chat? Or do you think of the beautiful seas and sands, the blossoming flowers and picturesque views? You probably think of them all, and what Dolce and Gabbana do is, they try to capture the most Italian atmosphere, not just in their clothes; but in everything they do.


A picture of a smiling, and slightly crazy collection of mad Italians on a Mediterranean beach, hanging out of a boat, really reflects the brand image of the classical Italian family. The fun clothes, and the fun adverts make the brand seem approachable, and with the brand being worth over a billion dollars now, they are obviously doing something right.


Words: Jessica Midwinter



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