Ashley Lukashevsky: When Art Gets Political

LA-based graphic designer and illustrator Ashley Lukashevsky uses art as a tool to reflect on social justice and strengthen social movements. As a defender of Artivism, she believes that shapes, colours, and design can magnify voices.


Does art have the power to bring about social and political change? This question has been profusely discussed over the years, and it is particularly relevant now as many feel vulnerable in the age of Donald Trump, whose policies of intolerance seem to have empowered angry white people.



For many, Artivism is about finding a way to move from pain to power. Artistic projects of all sorts are part of the framework of society and they can carry a message to inspire and resonate with large audiences, no matter the medium.


For there are indeed many ways to take a stand against social injustice, and one of them is to grab a pencil and start drawing, like Ashley Lukashevsky. Ashley’s Instagram account features all of her projects tackling various socials issues from gender rights and immigrant rights to racial equality and civil disobedience.


As a woman and an American citizen, she feels it’s her duty to listen, learn, and act through her work, as described in her straightforward Instagram bio: “Illustrations to dismantle patriarchal nonsense + systemic racism.”



“In light of our current political situation in the US, I’ve been creating a lot of my recent content around issues of intersectionality and the issues that our communities are facing (and will continue to) in the upcoming years. It is important to me to express through art and design how all of our struggles for liberation are connected, and that we need to fight for Black and brown lives, immigrant, LGBTQ, indigenous, and women’s rights in an inclusive way,” she explains on her website.



Like many artists, Ashley has understood that Instagram can become a precious tool to spread thought-provoking art and reach out to a large audience around the world. Whatever the chosen technique, understanding the importance of our own creative engagement is a step towards potential change and a promising time where valuable insight can be reached through thought, reflection, and sharing.



Follow Ashley on Instagram to keep up with her work.


Words: Pauline Schnoebelen


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