We Asked Women What They Would Tell Their 18-Year-Old Selves

Growing up is scary. You have new responsibilities, new things to worry about, and, worst of all, new and bigger mistakes to make. Adulthood may seem daunting but growing up, you learn a lot about yourself and who you want to be. Sometimes we need a little inspiration, so we asked various women of all ages what they would tell their 18-year-old selves and these are the responses we got:


“There is nothing wrong with you. You are worthy of love, you are worthy of friendship, your life is worth living. Also, don’t take out so many student loans!”

Crystal, 29, Georgia, USA



“Judge people yourself, and not on what others say about them.”

Agnus, 65, Northern Ireland



“Be fabulous and promiscuous.”

Andrea, 23, England



“Don’t be afraid to do new things and don’t be afraid to say no. Give yourself more credit because you are intelligent and should be more confident. Also, enjoy your life now because a 9-5 working life is coming to get you whether you like it or not.”

Rosie, 23, Scotland



“Nurture close friendships, these can be few and far between. In work, always do your best, even in the most menial tasks.”

Mrs Corbett, 91, Northern Ireland



“1) Start doing yoga every day. 2) Try as many new things as possible, because that is the best way to find out what you enjoy and what you are good at.”

Kristiina, 24, Estonia



“Have more faith in yourself and go for it, because I feel like I missed out on so much.”

Susan, 61, Northern Ireland



“Make yourself your number one priority, you are the most important person in your life.”

Michaela, 33, Texas, USA



“You’re going to make a ton of mistakes, and that’s okay. Don’t worry about what other people think and say about you.


Don’t force relationships, friends will come and go but your true friends will stay with you always.


Don’t be afraid to make a fool of yourself, speak your mind, stand up for yourself and for what you believe in.


Don’t let fear take over your life, you are braver and stronger than you could ever imagine.”


Jessica, 21, UK



“Today is the tomorrow we worried about yesterday, so don’t worry and be happy.”

Patricia, 53, Ireland




Words: Jessica White

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