ASOS Hailed For Un-Editing Models On Website


ASOS has been hailed this month for showcasing models’ stretch marks in unedited photos featured on their website. The controversial world of fashion and modelling has seen the on-going argument about body image manipulation unravel over the years; however, ASOS took one huge step towards promoting body acceptance with their new shoot and we absolutely love it. It’s about time that stretch marks are recognised for their normality and beauty. Everyone is completely obsessed with the forward way of thinking and we want to see more.



A lot of women have stretch marks and scars on their bodies but they are usually portrayed as a negative and shameful body problem. However, in the move that has been praised as “beautiful”, models proudly show off their stretch marks to promote how natural and normal they are. The photos show the models posing in various bikinis with stretch marks clearly visible on their bottoms. There have been numerous rows involving large companies’ ad campaigns and their use of Photoshop to airbrush images. The use of digital editing techniques to alter models’ bodies and create flawless skin can make women and even men feel insecure about their looks. Research has shown that half of schoolgirls as young as 12 are unhappy with their weight due to exposure to airbrushed images. Advertisers have been caught using digital techniques to slim waists and arms, perfect teeth, and lengthen legs, when in reality that is not what the true picture is.



Twitter users praised the fashion company for finally using “real women” as their models and teaching young minds all over that stretch marks and other imperfections are a normal part of life that everyone has, even those regarded as ‘perfect’. Stretch marks can occur for many different reasons at many different stages in your life. They can begin at the first stage of puberty or because of family history and underlying health conditions. They can also develop during pregnancy or through rapid weight gain. They are caused when the skin is rapidly stretched but tend to fade over time. Most people try to cover or treat their stretch marks either with makeup, creams, laser therapy, or cosmetic surgery. Despite the many methods of treatment available out there, not many of them can prove to be as successful as time. They can be hard to accept at first, especially in teenage years; however, most women today learn to accept and live with their stretch marks. Some see their stretch marks as a beautiful reminder for giving birth. Therefore, we shouldn’t be airbrushing these perfectly normal features from models, as they too are just like everybody else.


Words: Steph Hazlegreaves


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