To Riya, it seemed like any other morning. She woke up, put on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt, picked up her bag and got to office. The day before seemed unreal to her, and she had forgotten about it until now, when she had to leave. Suddenly the memories of being the butt of the office joke came back, but she wanted to forget her humiliation. She wanted to forget the look on Stan’s face, the pity that he showed. She wanted to erase the incident from her memory.


So, Riya decided to concentrate on the positives. She had landed a coveted media buying job with one of the biggest fashion houses. It wasn’t her plan, but whatever it was, she loved the place to where this path was leading her and she intended to enjoy her work and not give importance to random issues. Anyway, she wasn’t going to see those Models again and she managed to not think about the unfortunate incident and look forward to her day.


All her determination to change and look at the positive was forgotten the minute she walked into the Modish Fashion Offices. There sitting in front of her was one of the girls from yesterday staring back at Riya from the reception desk. The knowing look she gave Riya was enough to let her know that she remembered her and the snigger as Riya signed in was enough to bring back vivid memories. “So much for forgetting,” Riya thought as she hurriedly finished what she had to and started walked toward her office section.


Riya managed to reach her desk without creating a scene but she had tears in her eyes by the time she got there. It looked like the event wasn’t going to leave her. “Maybe Marcy’s Idea isn’t so bad after all. If I can get back at them by learning to be like them wouldn’t it be great to see the shock on their faces. Also, I can learn to be like them, but they can never be like me. The shock will make up for the sniggers now.” Riya suddenly felt optimistic and began her work wondering when Renne will make her appearance and what she would teach her, Riya’s work keeping her curiosity at bay until lunch time.


Marcy decided to treat Riya for lunch, but they had a very quick one. When Riya was wondering what the hurry was all about, Marcy said, “You have somewhere to be and lessons to begin, my girl.” Riya was looking forward to this exercise, and she walked quickly alongside Marcy, to get to wherever she had to be. To say Riya was excited was putting it mildly; she was also curious about what was going to happen. They walked into an office and as Riya began to wonder why they were here, she saw the name plate on the office table R. Enne and she knew her journey had begun.


Words: Jaibala Rao


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