Back to Black -Elie Saab A/W 15-16

As we see the transition into the chillier seasons we are once again introduced to winter colour pallets. Tones such as charcoal black, blue navy, ox blood reds and steely greys are slowly making a come back to our wardrobes. Keeping it simple yet sophisticated we return to classic styles of winter coats and long sultry ball gowns.




And there’s no one who does it better than Elie Saab. Elie Saab, the king of elegance and style, seeks to put a classic spin on winter colours in his Autumn/Winter 2015-2016 collection. Starting with the colour black. Everyone knows this is a statement colour that makes any winter outfit stand out from the crowd. Elie Saab’s black statement pieces set out to do just that. Saab is always ready to make mouths drop whilst keeping it cool, classy and timeless.




Classic lace is making a come back. This particular material accentuates all types of figures adding an alluring twist to an elegant evening gown. Apart from lace making an appearance in his Spring Summer 2015 collection, Saab shows that it is a timeless

look that does not go out of mode. Think Goth chic or Cruella De Vil, Saab works magic to create and inspire classic updated pieces.




The ombre obsession took off with a bang this year and Saab pulls this craze through into his A/W collection and presents us with a modern twist on an elegant evening gown. The transition from black to purple is very subtle. Usually originating from ombre hair, Saab has adapted this style into his work in a very discreet way. Fendi brought us ombre layered and textured dresses for spring in 2014. A very interesting concept, where the dress and outfit see the main colour descend into a more subtle shade and tone. This makes for a trend setting style and a beautiful evening piece that can be worn at any special winter event. This style of dress has even cropped up in high street shops, imitating Saab’s beautiful pieces of work and magic.




If you hear the word pink, you don’t instantly think of pink shades and hues for the colder seasons. However Saab has changed this. Cropping up in Eli Saab autumn and winter collection, he adds these shades with a dash of subtlety that should be thrown into your wardrobe. Subtle yet sultry, this tone reminds us of early spring vibes but the great thing about this is that we can now wear this all year round. Saab’s older collections consist of heavily embroidered, intricate pieces that resemble Indian outfits, for example Elie Saab’s 2013 collections were more extravagant in comparison. His new autumn/winter collection is more simple and subdued.




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Words: Naseema Khanom

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