Bea Sweet Beauty and Letting Go of Our Makeup Anxieties

Bea Sweet Beauty has thrown out all the makeup rules and unlocked a garden of creative makeup delights that will make you pick up the colours from makeup counters that always seemed frightening. For example, you’ll reach for a tub of green MAC pigment and not say “Green? Ew!”, but run to the nearest cash register with the little pot of mossy sparkles in hand.

We’ve all got one makeup savvy friend whose skills we hope to adopt one blush brush stroke at a time. They don’t mean to, but they can make you question everything you’ve applied to your face before heading out:

“How do I contour?”

“Is my eyeshadow blended enough?”

“What the flip is strobing?!”


For some, makeup has become a little bit of a mystery and something not to be experimented with for fear of doing it completely wrong. Enter Bea Sweet Beauty.

Her Instagram features dewy lips, blue eyelashes, sparkly eye shadow applied to the entire eye sockets (including the eyebrows) and even noses dusted with neon pink powder. The posts are electric with makeup energy. The theme of her work seems to be ‘it’s your face, put any colour anywhere you want, who cares if it matches, who cares if it’s makeup at all!’. Many of us spent our teenage years watching tutorials titled something along the lines of ‘Why you’ve been applying eyeliner wrong’ and ‘A complete guide of what colours you should definitely avoid according to your complexion’.  It feels great to have someone tell you the complete opposite. For example:

‘Yes, you can wear yellow eyeshadow’,

‘If you want to wear green lipstick, go for it!’,

‘Temporary tattoos instead of eyeshadow? Be my guest, you plucky young thing.’


Beauty and fashion have always been constrained by golden rules that must be followed and it’s high time that they are banished in favour of individual choice.



It’s perhaps these rules that have led to very clear beauty standards. If you type in ‘Makeup Tutorial’ into YouTube, the mainstream idea of makeup goals is clear to see. Perfectly contoured cheekbones, plump lips, and expertly enhanced eyebrows are all essential to achieve the 2017 look. Inspired by the Kardashian clan and makeup artists like Charlotte Tilbury, this seamlessly sculpted face is a challenge for everyone to achieve. Being on trend and feeling as fierce as Tyra is a lot of fun, but can be tiring and futile. High cheekbones are hard to achieve for round-faced ladies and gentlemen (believe us). This can lead to a stressful relationship with our faces and makeup which is a shame. Makeup should not fuel our insecurities about chubby cheeks or thin eyebrows that don’t measure up to Cara’s. A comforting idea is that what is perceived as beautiful is constantly changing. A small amount of time googling will unveil ads from the ’40s for weight gain supplements and powders to make us paler – a far throw from today’s ideals.


Bea Sweet Beauty stands apart from this madness. By advocating being creative with makeup, a new invigorating enjoyment can come from cosmetics. A sense that you don’t have to follow Kylie Jenner’s prescribed makeup looks but just do you is joyous. This is perhaps why Bea Sweet is in popular demand with celebrity clients such as Charlie XCX, Dua Lipa, and FKA Twigs as she helps create personal makeup looks for them. Who knows, if your creations catch on, you may well be the next trend.


What do you think of Bea Sweet Beauty?



Words: Felicity Hamilton


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Feature image: Illustration by Felicity Hamilton

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