Beautiful Strangers


American portrait and documentary photographer, Peter Zelewski, has been recognised for his innovative and explorative projects. After coming third in the prestigious ‘Taylor Wessing Portrait Prize’ in London this year, his success and career are predicted to take an extraordinary turn for the better in the upcoming months.

Zelewski’s newest project entitled ‘Beautiful Strangers’ delicately challenges the traditional outlines of beauty by capturing individual’s uniqueness, personality and ethnic diversities. He focusses on uncovering the persona behind the exterior of an individual, and works on displaying a broad range of styles, appearances and cultures. His project features multiple photographs of strangers he has captured on the streets of London, and involves mainly headshots of the chosen individuals, whilst also incorporating long-shots where clothes and accessories are on display.

Born in Detriot, America, Peter Zelewski moved to London in the late 80’s to start his education, and went on to study Graphic Design and Photography at North London University. His love for the city fuelled his inspiration to create award winning ‘Beautiful Strangers’ and ‘The People of Soho’, both of which are contain a shots of people who have caught his eye whilst roaming the streets. The originality of Zelewski’s work comes from the spontaneous and improvised approach towards choosing his subjects as they go about their daily lives on the streets of the city. This is an aspect which does not come across in his photographs, with each image somehow managing to convey the individual on a very deep and personal level.

The range of people which Peter Zelewski chooses to use in his ‘Beautiful Strangers’ project is endless. Images of everybody from young to old, male to female and all kinds of ethnicities expose themselves to his lens and pose nonchalantly. The underlying message here being that beauty can be found from within anybody. See below to explore Zelewski’s ‘Beautiful Strangers’ collection.





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