The Best Hair Trends for Autumn 2016


As the summer months draw to a close and autumn makes its hasty arrival, the question on every girl’s mind is where things stand with her beloved hair. Halfway through winter and summer, it can be easy to abandon what we do with our hair due to the uncertain weather; however, here at SANT Magazine, we have decided that this season, our hair deserves some more love! We have compiled a range of styles to see you through.

  1. The Milkmaid Plait

The milkmaid braid is simple yet effective, and suits most people. Although its origins are hard to define, its traditional elegance still shines through. Not all girls are blessed with rich, long, thick hair, but those who are should certainly take advantage of the gift. Another aspect that can make this thick braid even more appealing is the chunky auburn highlights; by plaiting highlighted hair into a braid, you get an edgy result that makes the hairstyle even more interesting. The finished look is extremely versatile to wear in both casual and formal scenarios. So feel free to rock this do in any environment, be it work or a summer party!


  1. The Messy Bun

The messy bun is every girl’s lifesaver. Not only can you look effortlessly chic, it’s also genuinely practical and easy to do. Jump out of the shower with your hair still wet and towel dry the ends until it’s slightly damp. If your hair is naturally curly or wavy, then this hairstyle is perfect for you; however, if your hair tends to be poker straight, then add some texturizing spray and/or powder to add some volume. You can choose your bun to be either excessively messy or just simply natural. Pull and clip pieces of your fringe and side layers to your taste to create that just-jumped-out-of-bed look.


  1. The Low Ponytail

This look is sleek, elegant, and suits all face shapes. Naturally, it pulls the eyes down so will make your face look slimmer and more defined. The ponytail is easy to pull off and is sure to make you look like you’ve stepped off the runway from an international fashion week. For longer hair, you can choose to curl your pony or keep it straight down the nape of your neck. Opt to fashion your pony with some distressed bangs for a more casual look.


  1. Braids

Not only will braids be perfect to see you through the festival season, they are easy to do and more importantly, easy to maintain. Fishtail, French braids, Dutch braids and rope braids are all stylish and sophisticated styles to see you through from the summer to the winter in this autumnal transition.


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Words: Megan Goodey

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  1. Messy buns and braids are so simple to do, especially if you’re on the way to the office or just popping into town! I am a huge fan of this post and am gonna try a few of these styles, as I need to get out of my rut of whacking my hair on top of my head… It is getting pretty boring, ya know?

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