A Bikini A Day: A Swimsuit Success Story

“The bikini is more than just a swimsuit to wear at the beach, the bikini embodies a lifestyle of freedom, travel, expressionism and relaxation” – A Bikini A Day

When bronzed Australian Natasha Oakley met sun-kissed All-American Devin Brugman, it may not have been instantaneously obvious that they would build a worldwide brand that would make them successful entrepreneurs whilst still in their 20s.

The pair, over the past few years, has made a name for themselves with the creation of their lifestyle blog A Bikini A Day. Multiple collections have been launched not only by their own swimsuit brand Monday Swimwear but also with the help of several co-creators, most notably Guess and Revolve. In recent months, they have added a new line of sportswear, Monday Active, to their list of career accomplishments. They have most definitely become social media poster girls for travel, health, and beauty, with many people appreciating their advocacy for body positivity and confidence.

Following the broadcast of her 60 Minutes Australia interview, Oakley stated on her Instagram account:

‘’We have built a small empire and what many people don’t know is that we have never had a manager, an investor, or an agent. We have single-handedly controlled our multiple companies and made sure that everything we do is true to who we are.’’

It’s safe to say that the success of A Bikini A Day and its succeeding projects have not necessarily come about easily, despite the way in which the lives of these women can often be contrived by social media. Viewing their glamorous lifestyles from an outsider’s perspective perhaps doesn’t tell the presumably lengthy and difficult story of how Oakley and Brugman got to this point; however, it should be able to tell us that anything we put our minds to can be achieved with time and persistence.


Words: Keisha Schneider

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