Bizarre Beauty Trend Update 2017

There’s not much that could shock us in the beauty industry anymore since people started extracting their own blood to reinject it into their face, but every now and then another trend pops up to beat the latest bizarre treatment and we are here to get you updated on them all.



Back in the day, we used to hate it when our freckles made an appearance during the summer months and we’d do everything and anything to cover them up. But it seems that now they are all the rage. Not only have people been embracing their natural beauty, but they have even been going so far as drawing fake freckles onto their faces or even getting them permanently marked onto their skin.



Lollipop Lipstick

The smeared lipstick look has never been a good one, and nor will it ever be, but it appears that 2017 is the exception for that all-nighter look as the lollipop lip look has taken trend. Some have labelled it as the weirdest trend of 2017 and we must say we agree. We are not sure why anyone would want to be seen in public with brightly coloured lipstick smudged all around their mouth but apparently, it’s the ‘in-look’ at the moment.



Stamp Eyebrows and Eyeliner

Now this one we can accept a little more graciously as us girls are up for trying anything that makes mornings just that little bit easier. Stamp makeup is the holy grail for those lazy girl hacks when you just want to be curled up in your duvet for an extra ten minutes rather than fighting with your wobbly eyeliner or off fleek eyebrows. Like any brow or flick, they don’t always go as smoothly as we’d hope for, but they do give you the perfect base to work with to give you a quick spirit to the finish line (Get it? Line, ha).



Fidget Spinner as Beauty Blender

We all know about the fidget spinner for killing boredom and helping with anxiety, but have you ever heard of using your fidget spinner for blending your foundation and contour? We can’t imagine how successful this one would be, so take precaution if you decide to give it a go whilst your brushes are drying off.



Terrarium Eyeshadow

If you have hay fever, avoid this one like the plague or you’ll be spending your summer in A&E or completely blind. The terrarium eyeshadow look can be created using actual flowers to decorate around the eyelid for a major dramatic look. Be careful not to blink though…



Unicorn Nail Art

The obsession with unicorn-inspired everything doesn’t seem to be drawing to a close anytime soon as we have now discovered another way of showcasing our love for the mythical creatures. Unicorn nail art is now a thing and we can’t help but cave for that sparkly stuff.  But we do still have to draw the line at those ridiculously long claws, no matter how glittery they are.




Words: Steph Hazlegreaves


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