Braided Brow Trend

Eyebrows play a huge role when it comes to our faces. Unless, of course, you’re naturally blonde, because let’s face it (no pun intended) they practically don’t exist. But for everyone else, the struggle to maintain brows is real.

Waxing, threading, tinting, tattooing… all in the name of the brow.


Over the years, we have gone from the overly skinny & over plucked look to the overdrawn and permanently surprised look to natural bushy Cara Delevingne-esque staples. And if unicorn hair was a thing, then why not rainbow brows to match?

It seems the latest trend is the braided brows.

What started off as a photoshopped hoax soon blew up and took over Instagram with makeup artists recreating this look. But honestly, who has got the time and patience? Has this makeup trend hit the spot or has the world lost the plot?

What’s next? Braided pubes?



Words: Louisa Eagle

Hashtags: #braidedbrows #eyebrows #trend

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