Breaking Into Fashion

We all imagine the world of fashion as a glamorous, yet demanding one. As more and more fashion students are graduating each year with the hope of scoring a job in this fast-paced industry, we’ve investigated how to get a step ahead of others and secure the job of your dreams.


Fashion internships are the best way to gain first-hand experience whilst building your own network. Whether you dream of your writing appearing in print or styling your own editorial, internships are the best way to go. Here at SANT, we’ve put together our top tips for interning and how to break into the world of fashion.


Be nice to everyone

It may sound so simple, but this is key. A classic fashion internship may involve you participating in a number of different jobs, so make sure you are polite to everyone, including the coffee guy. Word travels fast in fashion so maintaining good relationships really is vital.


Network, network, network!

Every person you meet may be significant for your future. Whether it is a make-up artist on a shoot, or if you are given the opportunity to personally assist a stylist, give everything your best effort and aim to keep in contact. It’s not necessarily what you know, it’s who you know.


Always arrive on time

The phrase ‘fashionably late’ does not apply during an internship. Being punctual is a good sign to those who you are trying to impress, and it may end up earning you more responsibility.


Never leave before the clock!

Keep working right up until the clock strikes six, and always ask if there is anything else that needs doing. Employees will always appreciate that you are taking your internship seriously and not for granted.


Use your initiative

Whether it’s reorganising never-ending paperwork, or lending a cold model a jumper, initiative is always appreciated in the industry. It shows others that you are willing to think on your feet and go above and beyond in your job.


Don’t set your expectations high: you may be disappointed!

Fashion internships are not necessarily mimics of Devil Wears Prada where you will be showered with couture clothing. Keep in mind that although you may be working for free, the benefits will pay off in the end.


Maintain a positive attitude

Like other industries, fashion can be demanding. Keep that look of determination and carry out every given task to the best of your ability. When employers notice how hard you work in every job you complete, they will know you are serious about your future.


Words: Holly Hampton-Thayers


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