To Buy Or Not To Buy Art?

Art is symbolic.  One might admire it, own it, or want it. Lately, it is becoming more and more popular, commercial, and accessible. And it is everywhere. 

Have you ever caught yourself looking at a painting for hours? Or constantly thinking about that movie you saw last night, because for some reason it pulled at a sensitive string? Do you find yourself wanting, or even needing, to listen to music at times? Do you suffer from book hangovers? When you can’t read anything else simply because you still live in the world of the last novel you read.

If you answered yes to any of the above questions or even all of them, the last question is: why?

Maybe it’s because we have a soul and feelings, or maybe it is because as Robin Williams puts it in the Dead Poets Society “These are what we stay alive for.”

However, it might not be as simple as that.

There is a vast variety of Gustav Klimt 2017 calendars on sale in every stationary collection around London. The familiar stranger on the tube is constantly listening to music through his headphones, and the lady next to him is carrying a canvas bag with Van Gogh’s Starry Night printed on it. Every day, theatres, cinemas, and concert halls are packed with people gathering to watch a film or to enjoy a performance, no matter the mood, or the ticket price, or even their limited time.



We have a need to carry art with us, to surround ourselves with it, to listen to our favourite songs whenever we feel like it, and stare at a favourite painting whenever we want to. We have the need, the basic human need to feel.


Emotions. That’s what everything is all about. We do not simply stay alive for art; we also stay alive because of art. This is why we have art hanging from our walls, and music stuffed in a device we carry in our pocket; because we need it to live. Not simply exist or survive. We need it to feel alive.


For centuries, art was the privilege of the rich, as many things still are. However, nowadays, art is accessible to people more so than during any other time in history.  If you find yourself in Trafalgar Square, you might as well pop in the National Gallery for a quick visit, staying as long as you want and leaving whenever you wish to.  And if you start wondering if you should buy Delacroix printed coasters while visiting the gift shop, then go ahead. Regenerate the emotions this painting creates when you look at it, even if it is when you pick up your glass of water.


Because emotions are priceless and because we all have a right to the beauty of art and the reactions it triggers in us.




Words: Elena Cami


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