We Can Make It Happen


Let me begin by saying: I am not a feminist. I believe in equal rights, I believe in being treated on the same level as men, but I am not a feminist – not in its current form. I am not a radical either, but then I believe that women are more responsible for their current state of affairs than men. Now before all you ladies come out with your pitchforks, let me explain.


Women today have grown up with the notion that they are weak: the weaker sex, the ones that need protection from evil. That idea is so ingrained in our mindset that we believe we need to be made stronger. But then, think of it this way: what if we are stronger? The entire perspective of the world changes, doesn’t it?

A woman teaches her children, she dreams for them. Why do mothers think that their daughter should get married and her son get a decent job? Why can’t her dreams be the same? Why do we, as women, judge other women? Why don’t we understand their problems and be of help?

There is only one way Women can be equal to men, and there’s only one thing that we need to do. No one else can help us; we need to do it ourselves, we – all of us together – need to make IT happen. We need to pledge to be our own strength, our own help, and our own survival. We need to remember not to judge, and to understand every woman. We need to remember to be equal, not to anyone else but to our own potential.


We stand tall, we stand strong,

We stand together through it all,

Come what may, whatever may be,

I’ll be your strength, and you friend in me.


Words: Jaibala Rao


Image Source: Google Images


  1. At first reading, it seemed you were on the defense about being a feminist until I read further on. Regardless whether you or anyone else is or not, the point is that we need to treat each other as equals in terms of social status, as human beings fundamentally. And I actually think women ARE the stronger sex, especially considering what we have to endure: periods, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. 😉 <3

  2. Yes, we women itself is a woman’s biggest enemy. It’s high time we stop treating our daughters as weak and start treating them equal. No matter which gender they are… they should be treated just as our child.

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