How To Choose The Right Glasses For Your Face

Struggling to find the right pair of frames? Follow these easy tips to help you pick the perfect glasses for your face.

For those of us who need to wear glasses, finding the right pair can be very tricky. Since they will accompany us in our everyday lives, it’s important to choose something that will enhance our features and match our personality. So, we have listed some helpful tips on what to take into consideration when buying a new pair of spectacles.

First of all, you need to remember that glasses come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s important to look for something not too big and not too small, but well proportioned to the face. Because of this, what many find difficult is to select the correct frames for their face shape.

If you want to find out your shape, ask somebody to help you to measure your face or use a mirror to trace your face shape with something easy to wash off, like a lipstick or a non-permanent marker. After that, look closely at the mark.

We will talk about the six face shapes: round, square, diamond, oblong, heart and oval.


If you have soft features and full cheeks, you have a round face. Look for strong shapes, like rectangular frames. They will help in adding definition to your face.



A square face is characterised by strong features, like a defined jawline and broad forehead. Round, oval, and cat-eye glasses are perfect for softening your face.



You have a diamond face if your forehead and chin are narrow, so it’s best to wear delicate frames like oval and cat-eye, which will compliment your delicate features.



If your face is longer than it is wide, look for nice round frames which will make it look more proportioned. Try to avoid small shapes.



If you have a broad forehead and cheekbones but a narrow chin, your face is heart shaped. Don’t go for something too heavy, which won’t complement your soft features. Light, thin, rectangular, and rimless frames are perfect for this shape.


Finally, if your forehead, cheeks, and chin are all well proportioned, you have an oval face. Since an oval is considered ‘perfect’, you can pull off any type of frames, so just pick your favourite.

So, all you have to do is understand your face shape and choose a frame which contrasts your features. We hope that these simple tips will help you in deciding which type of glasses look best on you. In addition, remember that spectacles can create a shadow under your eyes, so don’t forget to use a good concealer!

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Words: Ammy Putzu


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