Christian Louboutin Reveals a Collection for Every Skin Tone

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Nude Galore:

From stiletto heels, to bodycon garments and lingerie, not forgetting the queen of Instagram, Kim Kardashian-West publicising the trend at every moment possible, the ‘nude’ trend has been floating around for years. It is nicknamed ‘nude’ as it supposed to be flesh toned garments but how many of us out there can actually say that it actually resembles our skin tone? A very small percentage! Bearing that in mind it’s seems like a big step up in the name of diversity surrounding the fashion industry, that reigning King of Footwear, Christian Louboutin, is creating a new line of shoes in every skin tone so each race and ethnicity can wear flesh tone footwear.

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Louboutin announced his news by sharing a promotional photo on their Instagram page. “This spring, two new hues join our Nudes collection to create a spectrum of seven suited to any skin tone, from porcelain to deep chocolate,” he wrote, promising “a nude for every woman.”.

It’s no secret that with a pair of Christian Louboutin’s selling at £450 each, owning some Loubou’s is on the pricey side of life, so it will be quite a small percentage of footwear fanatics wearing shoes from this new collection. This leads us to question whether other brands, particularly high street companies, will follow suit.

When it comes to footwear design Christian Louboutin can do no wrong and if someone was going to be a pioneer in the name of footwear, it would be the king of the red sole. Whether you love or hate his shoes, this is a tremendous step forward. Only time will tell how successful the collection will be and whether it will become a permanent installment in the Louboutin brand or just a fleeting seasonal trend. Either way in coming months this will no doubt be making its way across many a fashion blog and Instagram selfie.

It comes as no surprise that such an announcement is considered news worthy, given that the fashion industry is notorious for its inequality and racism towards people of colour. The battle towards more diversity being seen on the catwalk is the most widely discussed. After all, it is the Jourdan Dunn’s and the Neelam Gill’s of the industry that are the face of the fashion world. Bearing this in mind, why has it taken so long to provide the same service for all customers? We are living in a time when fashion blogging is at its peak and bloggers such as Folake Kuye Huntoon of ‘The Style Pantry’, Cipriana Quann and Nikisha Brunson of ‘Urban Bush Babies’ are more popular than ever, so why has it taken until 2016 for an ethnically neutral shoe collection to be introduced?

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Are you excited about Christian Louboutin’s new collection? Is it about time the fashion industry provided for each ethnic origin equally? Or is the issue being blown out of proportion? Scroll down to the bottom of the page to make your comment or head over to SANT Magazine to give your two cents. You can also tweet us @santmagazine to have your say. #ChristianLouboutinNude


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