Dead Fashion Trends That Need to Make a Comeback


First things first, let’s be real here: do fashion trends ever truly die? Some of you may look at this list and think it’s utter nonsense, but fashion is a fast-changing world and what was cool last month might not be so hot now. But we reject the idea that you can only look good in things that have mainstream approval.

We’ve seen people rock pretty much everything we’ve highlighted below, but that’s usually in trendy bars in Shoreditch or at fashion shows. Gone are the days where your average folk would pull a scrunchie out of their mini backpack and tie up their hair into a high ponytail. Before we go into a romantically nostalgic daze, here are five dead fashion trends that we think need to make a comeback.

Mini backpacks
Because let’s face it, normal-sized backpacks aren’t as cute and handbags can be left on bus seats. Mini backpacks might look like they belong to your kid, but they’re cool, stylish, and convenient. Also, let’s not forget they also double as a cushion. Plus points if you swag it up with bulletproof capabilities. Who doesn’t need that?

Animal print
There was a time when leopard print was the shiz. Before it became a phenomenon in furniture, it was the go-to print for fitted pants and faux fur jackets. While the leopard print may not be for everyone, let’s not forget that zebra and tiger prints exist, and they would make some damn good leggings and jackets!

Shoulder pads
We don’t know about you, but we love some good square shoulders. There’s nothing more attractive than that level of symmetry. On top of that, whether you’re rocking a fine suit or dress, your shoulders can be accessorised with jewels and accessories. Necklaces? Pft. Who needs them when you are carrying the world and diamonds on your shoulders?

Leather pants
Buffy the Vampire Slayer made leather pants cool and we won’t let anyone tell us otherwise. Did you see her red leather pants and black top ensemble with a wooden stake to accessorise? Literal perfection. We don’t think there is a single person on Earth who has looked bad in leather pants. Next time you’re considering a new look, do yourself (and every bystander) a favour and wear black leather pants and a loose black vest. We guarantee you’re going to look fine as wine.

Scrunchies used to be a big thing. Why are they not a big thing anymore? It’s as if nothing is cool anymore unless it’s as small as we can make it. Wearing your hair in a ponytail with a big and bright scrunchie used to be an indicator that you’re one of the fashionable kids. Thank God we have celebrities like Selena Gomez trying to bring it back.


Words: Saima Khalid


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