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The Design of the Year awards are held at the Design Museum in London (the exhibition this year concluded on the 31st March 2016) and strive to celebrate the quirky, innovative and incredible designs from the worlds of architecture to fashion, from all over the globe. The reason this award was established was to recognise designs that help gain access to and capture the spirit of the world.


Whilst you cannot actually visit the physical exhibit any longer, each category winner and the overall winner has a profile on the website, so you can check out their incredible designs! The category taking home the top prize this year was the product category, for the design called “Human Organs-on-Chips”. In less scientific terms, a team of scientists have manufactured a way of testing drugs on these chips (actually micro-chips) instead of using animals, by creating a similar environment to the that our organs experience inside our bodies. Sounds impossible right? Wrong. Watch the video below if you want to know more.


The fashion category winner was the amazing designer, Thomas Tait. His AW13/14 collection featured an array of bold prints and over-garments accentuated by block colours to break up the large space created. ‘Vogue’ described this collection as ‘sci-fi’ and ‘slightly impish’, and very unlike the minimalist collections he’s shown before, as ‘the interior is anything but simple’.



Another category is Transport, and the winner of this is a self-driving car… no, really! ‘Google’ have created a prototype of a small car (similar size to that of a Smart car) that can drive without the need for human engagement – it’s basically the future! You simply tell the car where you want it to go and it takes you there. Watch the video below to find out more.



We’ve barely touched upon half the of amazing inventions and creations featured in the exhibition this year, but fear not as it will return next year in a bid to find the next winner for the 2016-17 Design of the Year. And if you cant wait until then, check out their website for full features on each design.

Words: Meg Plenderleith

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