Detachable Jeans

Since Levi Straus’ introduction of the blue jean overall in 1873, the standard denim trouser has undergone many radical and revolutionary customisations. When you consider it that way the frightful denim trends almost become justifiable.

Gone are the days of the chained and applique jeans. We’ve also left fringed and cropped capri styles in the past. A very recent fashion faux pas was the clear knee mom jeans, as launched by Topshop. Featuring a clear plastic patch over the knee, this quirky pair had a window-esque feature, allowing fashionistas’ friends to ‘see the knee’. These jeans caused quite a stir, with some even deeming them offensive.

Opening Ceremony, the American clothing brand which was set up in just 2002, has produced the latest denim controversy. Stocking both iconic as well as new pieces from homegrown emerging talent, Opening Ceremony showcases international fashion. So the storm created by the detachable jeans is no doubt a welcome boost in publicity.

No doubt, in your primary school days it would have been trendy to whip off the last quarter of your trousers when you were running around – (obviously going so fast, you simply needed that lower leg breeze). Well, Opening Ceremony has taken this even further. Instead of having a zip-off section on the lower leg, the American brand has created something much bolder.
For starters, they’ve used denim – not a light easy fabric to amend and conceal fastenings. They’ve also added buttons into the mix. But perhaps most significant is the positioning of the cut off section. We’re no longer talking a slight crop, a mere calf flash. Instead, Opening Ceremony’s detachable jeans have buttons which allow the jeans to undergo a slick transformation into booty shorts. These are the very definition of short shorts. Arguably they are more of a bodysuit in size and shape.


Unfortunately, these light wash high waisted detachable jeans will set you back $425. But being pretty much the bottom version of the cold shoulder top, maybe this trend is another that’s simply not going to be shifted. With celebrities such as Kendall Jenner advocating Open Ceremony, who knows what might take off.

Offering international shipping and a real diverse piece for the snakey weather of the summer months, Open Ceremony really could be providing a blessing. They even have the jeans in a darker wash – but sadly these will defile your bank balance even further at $469.




Words: Steph Ryan


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