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Have a gathering or a party coming up? Here’s the ultimate guide to easy, no-fuss suggestions for fabulous adult dishes that will keep the compliments from your guests coming all night long!


This simple yet every bit delicious quiche pastry is so easy to make!

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If you’re running low on time, check out this easy starter with just two ingredients!

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Inject an Asian flavor into your dinner with these Vietnamese spring rolls – they’re also great for vegan crowds.

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If you’re feeling fancy, try this great avocado salmon salad as a starter.

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This one-pot risotto recipe is so flexible, you can change it up to suit your taste buds.

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Bacon makes the world go round, and these bacon wrapped chicken definitely do the job.

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Impress your guests with this mushroom penne. Great for summer dinner parties.

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These grilled salmon with mango salsa will make your guests come back for more.

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If you’re not the best cook, look to this easy stir-fry ramen to save you.

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Mix it up with some lime-grilled chicken.

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Try these pretty cake pops with your girls!

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These caramel apply mini cupcakes will prove a favourite with your guests’ sweet tooth.

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These dessert sticks are so easy to make, and you can mix it up as well.

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Chocolate covered strawberries for the time-pressed..

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These white chocolate raspberries tarts are a dream come true for any dessert table!

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Well this certainly has me hungry. How about you?


Words: Aurora Lee



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