The Dissection of Festival Style

Festival season is upon us. Coachella has ended and we have been delighted to see the outfits that everyone has been wearing.  Now that the queen of all festivals has ended, it is a reminder of more festivals to come. Time is ticking and the number of weekends until the summer months arrive is slowly decreasing. Now it is time to think about the best thing to wear to the festivals you will be attending this year.

Festivals originated in the 1960s when liberation, social revolution, and counter culture were at a high. Hippie chic was all the rage; many festival attendees wore flared jeans or trousers, tie dye shirts, and fringe accessories. The majority of people wore no clothes and enjoyed the festival naked and barefoot. Fast-forward to the 21st century and festival fashion is somewhat different; firstly, most people wear clothes. Glitter is now used as under eye concealer, and it is all about creativity and comfort.



A recurring trend in festival style is the hippie trend; this trend is demonstrated perfectly by Vanessa Hudgens. She usually wears something extremely long and floaty, paired with face paint or glitter. She usually has long hair extensions and very big sunglasses to hide her face. Her outfits look effortless and free, which is what hippie style stands for. This is a classic look to wear to a festival and can be very easy to accomplish.

Check out Free People, Urban Outfitters, and Nasty Gal to achieve that great festival vibe.

You can also draw inspiration from these classic hippie looks that can easily make you look amazing.





Words: Seyi Adejori


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