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Do you ever stop to think about how your body is affected, as you lather an abundance of different beauty products containing an endless list of ingredients, onto it? As well as being aware of what we put into our bodies, we need to appreciate that what we put onto our bodies can affect our well-being just as much.

It is undeniable that various chemicals are absorbed by our skin, and may reach areas deeper within our bodies, such as the bloodstream. Reading the labels of your beauty products and questioning whether you would be happy with the ingredients roaming and potentially negatively affecting your body, is a good place to start. Scrap the lotions, creams and oils loaded with nasty chemicals (which we struggle to pronounce), and aim to replace them with the best that nature has to offer. The easiest way for this to be achieved is to make our own beauty products and to use natural organic ingredients, so that we know exactly what is being absorbed by our skin, hair and nails.


Coconut oil:

I’m sure we have all heard of the plethora of health benefits that consuming coconut oil can have. Apart from those, the fragrant substance that is solid at room temperature, has a plausible array of uses externally, with the benefit of being entirely natural. For silky and fully nourished tresses, try using it as a deep conditioning treatment in the shower, ensuring to leave it for at least 5 minutes for ultimate effects. It can also be used as a body or lip moisturiser, and as a cleanser. Simply massage a small amount of warm oil onto your skin, to lift off any makeup remnants and then rinse.

Close-up of coconut oil on the wooden spoon

Aloe Vera:

Known for its impressive soothing and healing qualities, aloe is also antibacterial, making it perfect for keeping the skin clean and healthy. It can be used for a number of different beauty purposes, ranging from treating burns to being used as a general moisturiser for dry skin, to removing eye makeup.

Aloe (2)


DIY body scrub:

Having scaly, dry legs that bear closer resemblance to the reptile family than humans, is certainly not desirable. For a gentle but effective scrub, mix together 1 cup of brown sugar with ½ a cup of an oil of your choice (almond, olive, etc). Adding essential oils or zest from citrus fruit is an amazing way to add a delectable fragrance to your homemade beauty product.

Body scrub (3)


Raw honey:

Delicious as a pure sweetener, honey is also a splendid addition to your pampering evenings, as an entirely natural yet decadent treatment. Give a dry, lacklustre complexion a hydrating boost by applying a small amount as a face mask and leave for 10-15 minutes before rinsing, or add to your bubble bath for a luxurious, relaxing aroma.

Honey (4)




Words: Ella Rhys-Jones


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