Don’t Worry, These Punks are Harmless

Making a statement with what you wear should be the most import thing; you shouldn’t only be an advocate to a brand, but you should be an advocate to a personal message. Following the crowd is a very easy net to slip into, and escaping from the mundane and mainstream image can be a challenge. You have to break free from society’s tight grasp on you, and just wear what you bloody well want to.

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That was quite a babble of an introduction, but the message is: if you want a pair of ripped jeans, buy some jeans and rip them yourself. Don’t get Topshop to do it for you. If you want a tie-dye top, go and dye it yourself, don’t wait for Urban Outfitters to sell you one. If you want to look alternative, then you can’t buy that look. You have to create this look.


I was once taken aback by a comment I heard someone say, she stated that: “I love vintage trends, but I hate wearing old clothes, so I’d rather just buy new things that look old!”… Wait, what? That’s mad! But this is something that is seen more and more frequently today, with big chain ‘vintage’ shops churning out washed garments made to look old. Clothing giants like Urban Outfitters are charging £30 for a used and abused old sweater, because they know girls care too much about the trends, than the origins of the trends. But, if you ventured out the house every now and then to go to a car boot sale, you’d see this jumper for a mere 50p, so this is why I just don’t understand people who pay full price. People want to look edgy, but they have no edge.


My distaste at this attitude is seen perfectly in this new washed out punk era we are seeing. On every high street and in every bar across the country, you will see girls donning ripped jeans; these jeans often compliment a leather jacket and boots. Is the grungy, 70s’ violent punk making a comeback?! No, not at all! The jeans, pre ripped, from Topshop, are for £48, the leather jacket has lost its edge because it’s probably from New Look, and the boots are just rip off biker boots. Punk has lost its cause.

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This isn’t a dig at 80% of people today, because it is a funky look! However, it is a critique of society: we dress without meaning. There never is any motif behind our wardrobe choices; the only influence we get is from the Kardashians. No one has a passion today, to make a change, not only to the way we look, but to how we act. We put things on to look good, not to make a statement. We put things on to fit in and impress others. We just put things on.


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Words: Jessica Midwinter

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