The Dos and Don’ts of Festival Life


As the festival season arrives, so does the time where we women have to choose between looking the part and practicality. Although festivals are largely an elaborate outside fashion show, a little part of us also dies when we have to try and work the no-hair-washing-for-three-days look… Here at SANT Magazine we feel it is time somebody gave us a rule book of festival life.


1. Dry Shampoo

Now which aspect of festival showers sounds more appealing, the idea of being smuggled into a communal event of lukewarm madness, or the three mile queue? The answer is neither. Girls, do yourselves a favour and pack a little can of dry shampoo. Not only will it keep your hair looking and feeling fresh for a few days, its sure to give you a little volume and eliminate that flat and/or windswept look you’ve been sporting!

2. Disposable Cameras

As much as we’d like to take some arty photos with our brand new SLR’s, theft is a large issue at a majority of festivals, so make sure you go prepared with a few handy pocket cameras for the weekend. As far as the quality goes, your photos will probably be fairly similar to your memories of the festival, a blur of face paint, crowds and that random guy who keeps appearing everywhere you go…



3. Wellies

This weekend is all about comfort. Standing around in queues, crowds and/or other mud-ridden locations will soon take its toll and those brand new sandals you bought just won’t suffice any more. Now we’re not saying you need to completely ditch the fashion sense and seek out your dads old fishing waders… a good pair of Hunters will certainly be adequate.

4. Personal Hygiene

Yes. You will need lots of deodorant, hand sanitiser and wet wipes. Packing lightly is certainly important when it comes to festivals but definitely DO over pack the toiletries. That 20 hours straight of dancing and singing isn’t going to be too worth it when you’re paying £2 for a spray of deodorant in the portaloos!




1. Musical Instruments

Yes, we all know you want to try and recreate the ‘I’m a hippy and can play music round a fireplace’ experience. But trust us, leave the guitar at home. Not only are you guaranteed to annoy your fellow campers, It’s very likely your guitar will end up lost/broken/in the river next to your tent after three or four days. Also, please don’t attempt to start a fire – it won’t end well…

2. Being annoying in crowds

On behalf of everybody behind you, please get off that man’s shoulders! Although your view might be amazing and you’re more than likely to get on TV, we really don’t appreciate trying to watch an artist when all we can see is the back of your sweaty body. Thanks.



3. Moaners

Yes we appreciate you’re cold, you’re probably damp along with all of your belongings, and the entirety of your suitcase smells like beer. But this is what you signed up for. Three days of being tired, muddy and hungover, so suck it up!

4. Tent Traumas

Make sure you’ve purchased a reasonably reliable tent. It may cost a little more than you were hoping but trust us, when you get that night of unexpected downpour you’ll be glad you splashed the cash. Also, we advise you practice putting up your tent before you get to the festival. Nobody wants to be messing around with pegs and poles for longer than 20 minutes when there’s fun to be had!




Words: Megan Goodey

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