Elsa Bleda: A Neon-glow

At just 28 years old, photographer Elsa Bleda has already developed an impressive portfolio: recently representing the Adidas Originals #NMD Campaign in Johannesburg, Bleda was also one of twenty artists in the If You Leave exhibition of whom Dazed and Confused called the ‘rising stars of photography’ and ‘the best in contemporary photography’ by Huck. Currently based in Johannesburg, Bleda regularly captures the city she calls home – its hidden spaces, dark corners, and neon-glow – once the sun has gone down.

Almost other-worldly dystopian nightscapes, her works draw on a personal aesthetic shaped not only by her extensive travel around the world but also her rich interest in cinema, particularly East Asia cinema. In an interview with Hunger, she explained that she gets her influences “from different fields, mostly from motion pictures,” including such films by directors Ridley Scott, Dario Argento, and David Lynch.

If you have been through the London underground lately, you may have noticed her work for Apple’s ‘Shot on the iPhone 7’ campaign. Her photographs, in affiliation with Apple, have featured around the world on billboards in New York, Los Angeles, and Istanbul, to name a few cities.



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Words: Julia Gessler


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