How to Enjoy Vacays While on a Budget


For those who are students or just generally living on a tighter budget, it may seem that there is neither the time nor the means to enjoy some time away from home for an enjoyable holiday; however, this does not need to be the case!

Firstly, holidays do not need to be overly extended; there are often times when we want time away and feel that we need to allocate times in our calendars that stretch for more than they actually need to. There is no reason why travelling away for less than a week should not mean that a holiday cannot be just as fulfilling as being away for weeks on end. Selecting just a few quick days often means that the experience will be cheaper due to less money spent on holiday essentials e.g. travel, food, and potential souvenirs. Additionally, if you are someone who works or studies full time, smaller holiday getaways may end up being the most convenient thing if you have other priorities to be attending to.

If you are someone who is good at saving money or perhaps want to become better at saving money, then preparing for a holiday is one of the best ways to do this. Some people may be able to put effort into analysing how much money needs to be saved every week in order to have sufficient funds for a holiday; however, if this is more difficult for you, then creating savings accounts either separated or attached to current accounts are highly recommended. This will allow you to efficiently divide your money i.e. money that will be used on an everyday basis in one account, and money is saved in another account.

Putting a little bit away every once in a while will make the biggest difference in the end! If you really feel that you won’t be able to keep your hands out of the cookie jar, then savings bonds offered by most banks will allow you to put money away securely that will be returned to you after the stated waiting period – attempting to use the money before the release date results in a penalty fee as a deterrence.

Finally, if you are looking at the places to get the best prices for flights, accommodation, and other travel essentials, then here are some of the ways to make sure that you find the best deals for yourself.

When it comes to flights, sites such as or allow you to search for flights on specific dates or within monthly periods and detail to you the prices for flights depending on what days you choose to travel. Here, if you have a broad choice, you will be able to decide what the cheapest time for you to travel will be with information taken from hundreds of airlines.

Apps such as Lucky Trip could also come in handy when it comes to travelling on a budget. The app asks you to enter your budget and either choose a location and dates or randomly have them chosen for you.

With this information, the app will then proceed to recommend flights, accommodation (the app is attached to Airbnb), and activities that will all be covered under the budget that you stated. This is potentially the most accurate way of figuring out the cheapest and best options for you and the people that may be travelling with you.



Words: Keisha Schneider

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