A Fashionista’s Guide to Paris

Ah, Paris! The home to great designers such as Yves Saint Laurent and Christian Dior; it is little wonder that this stunning city is said to be the capital of the fashion world. Paris is on every fashionista’s list of cities to visit. Just being among the streets of Paris, looking at the chic French girls for style inspiration, walking through different designer boutiques, and breathing in the scent of heaven can be enough to satisfy the fashion cravings that any fashionista will have.

But with such a great history in fashion, and being a prime location for fashion destinations, us fashionistas may want a more thorough experience of Parisian fashion. So, for a true fashion guide of Paris, carry on reading because things are going to get very Chanel.


Places to visit.


Chanel’s work apartment.

Speaking of Chanel, the famous fashion designer’s work apartment, original shop and eternal home to the Chanel brand, is a must see for those of you who just want to bask in the ambiance of such a great fashion icon.

Located at 31 Rue Cambon, the three storey building contains the original Chanel boutique, Karl Lagerfeld’s office, and Chanel’s work apartment along with the famous Chanel stairs that have been trapped in time.


Palais Galleria.

The Palais Galleria is a museum entirely dedicated to fashion. From hosting exhibitions on specific designers to having a walk through of fashion history, this is a great place to visit in Paris, if you are looking for an in depth understanding of French fashion history.


Yves Saint Laurent’s apartment.

Despite not being able to go into the apartment, we fully encourage you to go and rub yourself against the walls of the 55 Rue de Babylone building where Yves Saint Laurent lived with his partner Pierre Berge, and created some of his most iconic designs. We’re hoping some of the artistic genius will rub off onto us.


To sleep and dine.

Le Meurice Hotel.

Le Meurice is the perfect fashion related hotel, as it is the go to hotel for celebrities and designers during Paris Fashion Week. It may be a little expensive, but you will have the chance to bump into celebrities such as Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – have your phone the ready for Snapchat moments.


Cafe de Flore 72 Boulevard, Saint-Germain.

This chic Parisian restaurant was the Mecca for fashion designers in the 60s. Frequently visited by Karl Lagerfeld and Yves Saint Laurent, it is the perfect place to get a coffee or some French wine and imagine you are a part of the artistic Paris crowd.



To shop.

Champs Elysées.

Finally, on our fashionista’s guide, we have to consider shopping because of course, what is the point of going on a fashion tour of Paris without buying some of those beautiful clothes? Well, to do this, Champs Elysées is without a doubt the best shopping street in Paris. From highbrow designer shops to the more high street fashion, Champs Elysées has it all, and is an all-round beautiful area of Paris.

So now that you have read our Fashionista’s guide to Paris, what do you think? Or are you to busy packing your Chanel filled make-up bag and buying Eurostar tickets to tell us? We hope you have enjoyed this article and will use it as a guide the next time you’re headed for a fashion orientated holiday in Paris.




Words: Elena Hatfield.


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