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Lorde – Melodrama – June 16, 2017

Melodrama album cover


Lorde hasn’t released an album since her debut Pure Heroine in 2013, and considering the success of that album, it will be hard to follow up. But if anyone can top hauntingly beautiful songs such as Ribs and 400 Lux, it’s Lorde. During her four-year hiatus, she curated the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1, which included the release of her single Yellow Flicker Beat. In 2015 she was featured on Disclosure’s track Magnets and played a mischievous killer in its seductive music video.

Lorde released Green Light as the first single from her second studio album, Melodrama. Although stretching into new territory, the lyrics are distinctly Lorde, and she proved her strength as a performer once again on Saturday Night Live, where she performed Green Light and other new title Liability for the first time.

Liability feels like the biggest departure from Pure Heroine but in all the right ways. Performed with just a piano, she sings: “The truth is I am a toy that people enjoy / ‘til all of the tricks don’t work anymore / and then they are bored of me.” On Twitter, she wrote that the track “freaked and grossed me out at first”, but that “Jack [Antonoff, co-writer and producer] truly pushed me to a place I’d never been with this album. I couldn’t love him more for it.”

Although she recently split from her long-time boyfriend, Lorde says that Melodrama isn’t a breakup album. “It’s a record about being alone,” she says, “the good parts and the bad parts.” She also describes the album as telling the story of a single house party. Based on the two releases so far, Melodrama will surely be a perfect soundtrack for summer.

Melodrama is out June 16 through Republic Records.



Chasity Belt – I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone – June 2, 2017

I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone album cover


Chastity Belt’s third album, following 2015’s Time to Go Home and 2013’s No Regerts, will be released on June 2. Their ten-track sophomore album featured head-bobbing tunes and hard-hitting relatable lyrics. In Joke, lead singer Julia Shapiro sings “I feel fine when we’re high / I’m gonna light you on fire / we laugh so hard, and then we cry / let’s light everything on fire.” Speaking about a track titled Cool Slut, Shapiro says in a 2015 in an interview with noisey: “I’ve always liked the word ‘slut’, I think it should be a positive thing.”

Their lyrics on feminist topics come from a refreshing viewpoint and one that isn’t always present in the music industry. Rather than writing songs solely to make a statement, their music is more natural and reflects their lives and daily thoughts. “It’s not like we have an agenda or anything,” Shapiro says about being a sex-positive and feminist band. “I mean, we’re all feminists in the band, so I think that definitely comes across… we have something to say, so we’re saying it.”

Two songs have been released from their upcoming album, titled Different Now and Caught in a Lie. The new mature sound these songs debut is expected to continue throughout the 13-track album. Unreleased titles include What the Hell, 5am, Bender, and I’m fine. They have already announced their tour, which kicks off in the US in June before travelling to the UK in early September and then to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and The Netherlands.

I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone is out June 16 through Hardly Art.




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