Finding Love in Unlikely Places: A List of Unconventional Romantic Films

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So, you’ve already seen ‘The Notebook’ and ‘Bridget Jones Diary’ at least 100 times each and feel like you should expand your romantic film library. Not sure where to start? Try something a little bit different from the typical, everyday romance with our little list of quirky and romantic films for you to watch.


One of the most adorable and endearing romantic films out there, with a soundtrack that sticks in your heart, has to be ‘Once’. It’s a story of an Irish busker in Dublin meeting a Czech flower seller with a passion for music. Together they spend a week together writing lyrics recording songs and falling in love. It’s a simple story with a lot of character and memorable moments – a wonderful heartfelt interpretation of the modern musical that you will never forget.

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Safety Not Guaranteed

Comedy, romance and time travel. Sounds like a winning combination, right? ‘Safety Not Guaranteed’ is the story of a disillusioned intern working for a magazine that is investigating the story of a man seeking a companion to go back in time with him. This film has a lot of zingy one-liners, awkward laughs, poignant moments and twists and turns.


(500) Days of Summer

This is a story of boy meets girl, but you should know upfront that this isn’t a traditional love story.
How would you feel about watching a romantic film when you know that the lovers won’t end up together? The opening of this film is what makes it so wonderfully bittersweet. It’s about a turbulent relationship told in a way that jumps back and forth in time, comparing the couple’s highs and lows during their time together. This story really is one of a kind. You’ll be laughing, crying, crying some more and feeling like an emotional wreck when it ends.

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Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Jim Carey is definitely a comedy legend but seeing him in a serious role shows just how talented he really is. ‘Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ is a somewhat futuristic story about two very different people falling in love, forming a relationship and then erasing each other from their memories. There is a lot about this film that can be spoiled, so we won’t give away too many details. All we can say is that this is a great film that will break your heart and put it back together again.



Lars And The Real Girl

Who doesn’t like Ryan Gosling? Seriously, we don’t know anyone that doesn’t. This film shows Gosling in an unexpected role, as the socially awkward misanthrope, Lars, who finds his first real love in the form of a lifelike doll he bought online. As the premise might indicate, it comes with its share of awkward moments but in between them is a lot of sincerity and sweetness. You would never expect a film like this to be as loveable as it is.




Quirkiness is at the heart of French cinema and very few films come close to being as quirky and loveable as ‘Amélie’. A shy and lonely waitress with an eccentric personality decides to improve the lives of the hopelessly-in-love characters around her and in the process finds her own life changing for the better too. With brilliant cinematography, a sharp sense of humour, memorable soundtrack and characters that you can’t help but fall in love with, ‘Amelie’ is a must watch for any romance enthusiast.

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Moonrise Kingdom

No one does weird like Wes Anderson and this film is a perfect example of why weird is a very good thing. A perfectly charming coming-of-age story set in the 60s about two 12-year-olds on a remote island in New England who fall in love and decide to run away together. The deadpan comedy, stylish visuals and strangely mature adolescents work together to make an unforgettable masterpiece.




Another French film that is anything but ordinary, with even more adorable characters and a few villains thrown into the mix. ‘Delicatessen’ is a post-apocalyptic dark comedy about an apartment building run by a butcher who kills people and sells their meat to his tenants. Accepting a job offer in a newspaper, ex-circus performer, Louison, moves into the apartments and there falls in love with the butcher’s daughter. Streaks of light-hearted romance and unconventional characters cut through the film’s darker undertones. Definitely a weird watch but wonderful nonetheless.

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The Giant Mechanical Man

You should always follow your dreams, even if your dream involves spray-painting yourself silver, buying a pair of stilts and standing completely motionless in public places. This is the story of street performer, Tim, and hopeless Janice, who meet while working at the zoo together. It’s a story about getting to know one another, figuring out awkward feelings, trying and sometimes failing to navigate adulthood and love.

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Life After Beth

Young love is just so much more interesting when you throw zombies into the mix. ‘Life After Beth’ is the best kind of romantic comedy, where it’s impossible to predict anything that’s going to happen. A young couple are more than happy doing young couple dating type things when suddenly Zach’s girlfriend Beth dies and, equally as suddenly, comes back to life. With a decent amount of gore and laughs this is a great film for those that enjoy a bit more blood and guts in their romance.

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Words: Alicia Hempsted


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