Five Effortless Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout


Kit yourself out with new gym gear. Overhauling your workout wardrobe just got a whole lot easier. Lots of high street stores are now stocking activewear to suit any budget.

Whether you want to splash out on Ivy Park apparel at Topshop or make your pennies stretch at Primark (who have, by the way, just launched an amazing new sportswear range), there’s something out there to suit you. Once you’ve got your hands on some super cute new sporting attire, you’ll feel a lot more enthusiastic about sashaying into the gym to show it off, even if you still have no desire to set foot on a treadmill.



Create a workout playlist

It may sound simple, but a new playlist full of upbeat tunes can make the prospect of going for a run a lot less dull. We all have our personal preferences when it comes to music, but if you want a quick fix you could try having a look on Spotify, or there are plenty of workout albums available on iTunes to get your groove on to, such as “Running Trax” from the Ministry of Sound or “The Workout Mix 2017”. This will make your 5k sprint seem like a walk in the park.



Book a fun class online

One of the most painless ways to tone up is to attend a high-energy exercise class (tip: if you pre-book online, there’s no getting out of it!). Spinning or Zumba are ideal as the music helps to take your mind off the intense discomfort encompassing your limbs. We also tend to push ourselves harder in a group setting than we would alone at the gym (especially if the instructor’s watching). If that doesn’t float your boat, you could always try Bounce, the latest exercise craze on everyone’s lips. It essentially involves performing a series of different routines to music on a trampoline for an hour. Classes have been popping up across the UK over the past year, and it’s gained a pretty large following. Why not jump on in and book a session?



Download a fitness app

Fitbits are often praised for being the ultimate exercise accessory, but we can’t all afford to indulge in such a luxury. Thankfully, the next best thing is available at little to no cost. There are lots of free fitness tracking apps to choose from, all with slightly different features, but one of the best is MyFitnessPal. It works by counting your daily calorie intake, tracking the amount of exercise you’ve had each day, and using this information to help you set different goals. No effort required, just a few clicks.



Start following fitness gurus on Instagram

While it’s crucial not to compare yourself to anyone on social media, there are actually a lot of insta-gurus who provide great health advice on nutrition and fitness. Kayla Itsines is up there with the best. Unlike many fitness fanatics on social media who tend to focus solely on their own personal progress, Kayla creates effective programs and challenges for her audience to follow. She regularly posts amazing transformation photos of the followers who have stuck to her fitness plans and achieved amazing results. It doesn’t get much more motivational than that!



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Words: Kate Dooley


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