Five YouTubers Who Have DIY’d Themselves to Fashion Envy


With modern day consumers becoming increasingly conscious of the environmental and social impact of fast fashion, there are some inspiring YouTubers who have done what we wish we could all do: using their God level sewing skills to turn old thrifted goods into custom fit masterpieces, make outfits from scratch, and make old unwanted clothing fit like couture.


April Yang, AKA coolirpa, began sewing in high school, but April was already in love with fashion from a very young age. According to April, she gets her artistic abilities from her mother, and drawing and making videos were strong hobbies from childhood. Her first sewing lessons involved her altering the straps on one of her mother’s old dresses and making an orange sash for her high school fashion show. Over time, her enthusiasm and passion for sewing grew with the support from teachers and she eventually began sharing her work online. April’s channel has hit over one million subscribers and her skills have been demonstrated on TV shows like “The Real,” where she was asked to transform three pieces in one week.


While Angela Clayton may call herself a hobbyist seamstress with hopes to become a costume designer in the future, many would argue that she’s already there! Angela’s work focuses on historical costume and she endeavours to make her outfits as accurate as possible, and judging from her work it’s hard to believe Angela has only been sewing for four years and is completely self-taught. At nineteen, Angela is working toward building her portfolio, which leaves most of us wondering why no one has had the sense to hire her yet.



Ken Andrew AKA kenandrewdaily is a must-follow for anyone interested in thrifting, altering, and DIYing male fashion. Ken’s channel has a plethora of useful information, such as hemming trousers, how to make a long sleeve shirt, and slimming items for a better fit. Ken helpfully labels his video titles for beginners and experts alike, and his advice also extends to the best places to buy fabric, the best sewing machines, and frequent fabric hauls.


Withwendy is a Toronto-based DIYer who not only makes her own clothes but has made pencil cases, backpacks, organisers, pillow cases, bunting, and advent calendars. The majority of Wendy’s DIY takes inspiration from major fashion trends and her videos are often explained in great detail, which makes them a fantastic start for all beginners. With videos on how to use a sewing machine, how to sew a button, how to mend a hole, and how to downsize clothing featured on her channel, Wendy also shows her skills through her impressive dedication and planning: on the day of a red-carpet event, she managed to wake up, make a body suit and a skirt, do her hair and makeup, and film the entire “Get Ready With Me” before going!


Identical twins Qjin and Qwon are Q2HAN, and for anyone in love with edgy Korean street style but don’t have the budget to fly over, these two are a serious inspiration with their lookbooks, tutorials, and DIYs. The twins also vlog and often collaborate with a variety of Korean and non-Korean brands, so viewers get an amazing mix of Korean fashion, culture, and style from twins who have a pretty entertaining relationship, so expect laughs and a good time.




Words: K.R. Lai


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