Why Furry Mules Aren’t Over Yet

If you tell us fur-lined mules are wrong, then we don’t want to be right…

Fashion trends are like friends. Some, like corset belts, last two weeks before they fizzle out. Others, like straight leg jeans, form a lifelong bond so you’re seemingly joined at the hip forever. Then there are the ones that just slowly ease into your life. Two years down the road, they’re still around and you wonder how you ever lived without them.

Imagine how great that kitten feels. That’s how great your foot will feel, trust us.

At first glance, furry mules look like the bizarre lovechild of an Ugg boot and a flip-flop, but trust us in this case: two wrongs have most definitely made a right. All snuggly fireside slippers in the front, then furrier than Chewbacca yet bare to the wind in the rear. It’s like your heel grew a beard that billows softly in the autumn breeze. Think of it as the mullet of the shoe world in the best possible way. When we first saw them, we thought to ourselves, “There’s too much fantasy going on here – excessive levels of whimsy for any foot to handle. They look weird. We’re scared, unsure.” And yet, ladies, paired with a slouchy jumper and any – and we mean any – silhouette of denim and you have:

  1. A winning brunch ensemble
  2. Perfect slip-ons for a corner shop dash
  3. The easiest way to pull any excessively casual outfit together
  4. Leg lengthening, ankle-exposing realness.

How could we have been so wrong? Who would have guessed, back in 2015 when Gucci first unleashed these on the world, the hidden practicalities of a seemingly ridiculous and impractical shoe? After surviving two summers, no fashion house has thought of anything better for the strange transitional weather when the days are muggy yet windy, and the evenings are chilly but not bone-chilling. Fluffy mules, people! They’re still the best, but you have to be quick. Copies of the Gucci originals are flying off the shelves fast so grab one of our favourite styles before they’re gone for good!


Office Dandy Fur Mule Loafers, £25 (from £65)

Ego Kapri Embroidered Faux Fur Lined Slip On Mule, £29.99

Dune Gole Casual Mules, £45 (from £75)



Words: Mimi Davies


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