Game of Thrones, What Do the Clothes Say for Westeros?

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Game of Thrones is back on screens! Whether you like it or not, this TV series is so insanely popular that it will be the main subject of conversation for months to come, and rightfully so. The long episodes, the CGI and special effects, the budget, as well as the excessive lust and killing,  make it probably the most remarkable show in TV history so far.


However, what truly makes it stand out is its plot line and complex characters. The main reason fans are so intrigued is that, in one way or another, it gives hints as to what is about to follow and how the fate of each character will be defined. It doesn’t come as a surprise that a show based on books will carry a lot of its symbolism along. Therefore, various seemingly insignificant details may ultimately lead to a twist in the development of the plot or even the death of a character.


One of these details that can no longer be ignored is the style and clothing choices of the main female characters, who are now, more than ever before, in the position of highest power. There are more queens and ladies than kings and lords, and as far as television is concerned, that is a first too.


As most queens in most places, the queens of Westeros take care of their appearance and make sure that their clothing choices, as well as their ruling and decision making, are on point.


One of the most significant characters in the series, known as Daenerys or the Mother of Dragons among her other names, makes quite a statement this season with her black leather uniforms, dragon shaped chains, and tight braids. Her message? She’s ready for action. She wears trousers so that she can easily ride her dragons and when her hair is tied back, there is no room for negotiation. In the rare moments when both hairstyle and clothing seem loose and relaxed, only then does she seem eager to listen to the opinions of others.



Contrary to Daenerys, the other queen of Westeros, Cersei Lannister, does not seem to be in the mood to give in anytime soon. In the previous season, she started resembling the most powerful and manipulating character: her father Tywin.  In one of the previous seasons, it was mentioned that the only human weakness of Cercei’s were her children. In the last episode of the previous season, her last remaining child committed suicide, rendering her one of the most ruthless characters in the series. Cersei always displayed an admiration for her father’s character that is now perfectly evident by the resemblance of her garments to those of Tywin. Her short hair remains a token of her humiliation during the walk of shame, the colour black standing for the mourning of her children and all she says and shows is her plan for revenge.



As for Lady Sansa Stark who is finally home, her style copies that of her mother. However, Sansa has appeared smarter than anyone has given her credit for. In one of the previous seasons, Tyrion stares at her in amazement and says, “Lady Stark, you may survive us yet”. Sansa copies the style of the place she finds herself in. Not being a fighter or a villain in any way, her chameleon-like quality to adapt to any environment, no matter how hostile, has kept her alive so far. Nonetheless, the question remains. What is on her mind this season? Her appearance never matched her thoughts and beliefs, so fans have no reason to trust that it might be so now.


What is yet to come is now more unpredictable than ever before, since the series stopped following the books. Keep an eye on the Westeros fashion though, and you never know, you might be able to guess what the next episode will bring.


Words: Elena Cami


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