Ginevra Mandelli’s Cryptic Tattoos and Drawings

Illustrator and tattoo artist Ginevra Mandelli sees something we don’t. Her thin lines take us to people and places we will never meet or have already met in our unspoken dreams.


In Ginevra’s atypical world, bodies and eyes dance on paper as if the unconscious could be controlled through art. Feminine shapes, sometimes mysterious or even aggressive, mingle with space through unexpected juxtapositions.


She gets her drawings on paper and also under skins, for Ginevra is also a tattoo artist. Tattoo is among humanity’s earliest and most omnipresent art forms, so it’s not a surprise that Ginevra chose to reproduce her figures this way.



Tender, Kafkaesque, poetic, and oneiric, Ginevra Mandelli’s work is bordering on surrealism. Faces and half-transposed silhouettes seem to be twisting in front of our eyes as though observed through water.


Elusive and inherently silent, her lines depict something unsaid. But her work is also bewitched by a simplicity and clarity of expression where imaginary takes over reality.


But what is so fascinating about Ginevra’s art? Is it the omnipotence of dreams? The absence of all control? Neglected associations? A superior reality of certain forms over others? You choose.


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Words: Pauline Schnoebelen


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