Glam Girl Part two: Interview woes


Riya just stared at her closet. Being fashionable was never her thing. She wasn’t good at it either. She had always chosen comfort over fashion trends. Oh and make up! Riya had never applied make up in her entire life. The whole concept was as alien to her, as Differential Calculus would be to a Model.

She did think about buying new clothes, but then splurging just for an interview seemed pointless. It was not as if she was going to wear those clothes every day. Also, she did not have that sort of time. So, after a lot of consideration, debating and practically eliminating everything in her closet, she finally managed to choose her outfit for the interview the next day: a pair of beige formal pants with an indigo blue shirt, and it seemed perfect. Well, she could safely say that her mother had a bit of sense, while purchasing formals, even though it was not needed for an intern. She was just glad that she had something brand new to wear for tomorrow.

The following morning, everything seemed all set. She was sure she would get the job. She knew there wasn’t any competition and that the interview was just a formality. With Marcy’s recommendation, the job was a sure thing, but still she wanted to do well in the interview. She was very excited and confident, as she travelled to the office of Modish, that it is going to be her work place from the next day onwards.

At the reception, she entered her name and was asked to wait in the waiting lounge, along with other candidates. Riya realised that Modish was interviewing for many other positions, filling up their vacancies before the start of the next season. Most of the girls sitting there could be mistaken for models, in their designer outfits and their size zero figure. Suddenly, Riya felt like she did not belong there at all. Luckily, before she could get up and leave, she was called in for her interview.

The interview was a breeze, and Riya walked out as the new Media Buying Assistant at Modish Fashions. She was almost jumping, as she walked toward Marcy’s Office to give her the good news. She also thought that as she was there, she might as well arrange her desk, thereby saving her time tomorrow. So, she carried her box of belongings, that she had emptied from her previous cubicle when she happened to listen to the conversation between two gorgeous women.

“I did not know that Modish has started handing out jobs to charity cases.”

“Yeah, did you look at what she was wearing? It looks like a hand me down from three seasons ago.” The other retorted, as they shared a laugh.

Immersed in her thoughts about her outfit, Riya did not see the wall, and walked straight into it, spilling the contents of her box cabinet.

“Oh looks like she is clumsy as well,” She heard laughter around her. Riya felt humiliated, but still ignored them, as she tried to pick herself up. As she gathered her belongings and tried to get up, she saw that Stan was standing there right in front of her, and he never bothered to even give her a hand. She saw a laugh on his face and pity in his eyes, as he watched her trying to get up. She was embarrassed and managed to hold back her tears as she finally got up and walked towards Marcy’s office.

Words: Jaibala Rao

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