Glam Girl: A new beginning


Riya always kept wondering whether she really belonged there. Her plain blue jeans and over sized jersey was surely not what the interns at Modish Fashions appreciate, much less wear. She was still in shock that she had landed the internship at a fashion house. As a student of advertising, her media buying project had to be completed, and Modish was the only place that had an opening; an internship that would suit her project.

She was finishing up her work when she was called in, by her supervisor. Marcy was the media manager there. She was almost like a mentor to Riya, and taught her a lot about media buying. In fact, she was a big help for her project as well. She helped her go that little extra mile, when it came to gathering her findings and computing her results. Riya wondered what Marcy had in store for her. After all, this was her last day interning at Modish.

“You called?” She asked, as she walked in. By her demeanour, one could say that they had quite an easy going relationship.

Marcy looked up from the screen and said “Oh yeah! I have an offer for you.”

“Straight to the point”, Riya thought. “And it is?”

“I want you to join our team. I want you to be my next in command here at Modish.”

For a moment Riya thought that she heard Marcy offer her a job at Modish, the leading fashion company, and then realized that she did in fact get a job offer. Riya looked at Marcy, as if she had lost her sanity and began laughing.

“Me! Work at Modish? Marcy, you have got to be kidding me. You know I am no good at anything close to fashion. The internship was alright, but buying media for fashion will require me to be a little more involved.” Riya spoke, trying to make some actions that went completely unnoticed by her supervisor.

“Riya, think about it, you are smart and bright. Plus, you already know the people you are going to work with. It will be fun and you don’t actually have to get involved too much with the fashion side.”

The thought of working with people she knew, made Riya stop and ponder for a moment. She knew that Stan worked there too. Stan was the first person she laid eyes on, when she walked into Modish. She fell head over heels the moment she saw him. At least she thought it was love. Stan looked like he belonged in front of the camera and not behind it. In a place where people frowned upon her, he always smiled at her. And has been sweeter than any other person there, except probably Marcy. So taking up the offer would mean that she would get to see him every day, and that she could work in the same office as he does. That prospect sounded pretty good to her.

“Ok Marcy, I will do it.” Riya spoke with a slight grin. She was about to walk towards her own space to pack up.

“Oh! I forgot. You will have to give an interview Riya, and that is tomorrow. Don’t worry. I will put in a word, and it will all be fine.” Marcy spoke assuringly.

As Riya packed her stuff to head back, she let her thoughts go wild about the upcoming interview. The idea of permanently working at Modish fashions scared her tremendously, but at the same time, it felt good. She smiled and picked up her things. She had a big day tomorrow.


Words: Jaibala Rao

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