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Fed up of shopping for a new dress every time you’re invited to an event? Look no further.

With wedding and racing season both quickly approaching, it can often be quite tedious deciding how to dress up that same old reliable red dress you wear every year and having to cope with wearing those unbearably uncomfortable stilettoes yet again. Here at SANT Magazine we have devised a list of accessories guaranteed to glam up any outfit, no matter how formal or casual the occasion. From fascinators to jewellery, we’ve got the best cheats to revolutionise your wardrobe, with a range of high end and high street products on the market.

  1. Fascinators

Fascinators can be an excellent and exciting way to dress-up your outfit and are perfect for events such as the races, weddings or even just formal summer work parties. If you’re opting for a monochrome or block coloured outfit, we suggest adding a pop of colour to your look with an exotic magenta or royal blue fascinator. If the colour is already based in your outfit, perhaps try a more subtle, elegant choice like a black or white to complete the look. Try these below, both from Asos.

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  1. Statement Jewellery

Brighten up your most casual of outfits and add some sparkle to your look with a chucky necklace, bold coloured bangle or some glitzy drop earrings. We would suggest to opt for more bold colours and thick necklaces when wearing minimalistic, low necked dresses or tops to ensure your look is not too busy. With already bold and patterned outfits, perhaps chose more simple and elegant styles and stick to the three basic materials; silver, gold and rose gold.

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  1. Handbags

Brighten up your arm with a glamorous bag perfect for keeping your secrets stylishly hidden. From the party-ready clutch, elegant purse to practical shoulder handbag, these are guaranteed to take you to any destination for any occasion. Select a small sized clutch to keep your outfit the center of attention or chose a daring coloured cross body to add a pop of color to your attire, either way, a handbag will finish off your look while still keeping it classy and crisp.

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  1. Sunglasses

Not only do these little beauties ensure you stay effortlessly cool in the sun, they can be a great accessory too when wanting to look chic and smart. With a wide range of frames available, go get trying on and find the perfect style for you. As far as colour is concerned, stick to blacks, greys and browns to avoid upstaging your outfit, or chose a tortoiseshell pattern to create a more edgy, redefined image.

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Whatever the occasion, be sure to accessories your style with our favourite picks and suggestions for the summer season. Liked any of our choices? Let us know via our Facebook page, in the comments below or you can tweet us @SANTmagazine #GoToAccessories


Words: Megan Goodey

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