It had been an hour since Riya marched into Marcy’s office, settled in her desk, and sobbed away, as she arranged her stuff. Gossip sure travels fast and when you are working in a fashion magazine like Modish, it sure travels faster than sound. The HR department had called and confirmed Riya’s appointment to her, when she came in slightly limping carrying her box. Marcy knew enough not to disturb a crying lady, but she was worried. She knew Riya had a huge crush on Stan, and she knew what happened in the hallway. For some reason, she looked upon and treated Riya like she was her own younger sister. Marcy had no sisters and had never felt close to anyone else, like she did with Riya, so she cherished their relationship more than anyone could ever understand.

Deciding that it was time to intervene, she walked towards Riya’s table with a glass of water.

She was partly glad that everyone else had gone for lunch and she finally had a bit of lone time with the young girl who was still sobbing. “Do you want to talk about it?” she placed an assuring hand on Riya’s shoulder.

Riya looked at the kind face staring at her for the first time in the day; there was no mirth, no pity, no glee. Just plain concern. She was thankful for her and her friendly face, and she broke down once again. She narrated the whole incident from the beginning: her being excited, getting the job and then being embarrassed, belittled and put down, that too in front of Stan.

Marcy waited patiently for her to pour it all out, and when she was done, she offered Riya a glass of water. “Drink”, she said. Riya had not even known she was thirsty, and as she drank the glass of water, she saw Marcy pick up the phone.

“Renne if you are done with lunch please come here to my cabin. We have a kind of a fashion emergency.”

Recovering from her sobbing Riya managed to ask “Who is Renne, and what fashion emergency?”

“You will see”, Marcy smiled.

A few minutes passed by and the door flung open, revealing a woman wearing a black pencil skirt with a black velvet jacket and had accessorized it just well enough to put the words ‘Strictly Professional’ above her head.

“Yes Marcy dear, where, what, how, come on tell me the details.” said the over excited lady. She didn’t notice Riya sitting there.

“Meet Riya, our fashion emergency,” Marcy replied calmly, pointing at Riya who was by now confused as to who the new person was.

Looking at the said person Renne responded “Oh yeah!! I see why. Lots of repair work needed,” as if she was talking about a wrecked car or something.

“What repair and who are you?” Riya asked, confused, looking at the Indian girl standing across her.

“Oh! An Indian uh?” Renne guessed and continued “I am Radha Enne and I can’t figure out for the love of my life why or how my mother came up with such a name. You can call me Renne. And like Marcy said, there is a lot of work to be done on you.”

“She is the Fashion Stylist for Modish Fashions and also a very dear friend of mine. She is going to help us get back at those people who laughed at you today. We will make them respect you and see you differently.” Marcy added

“Get back at them. How?” Riya was still confused as to why Marcy was introducing her to a Fashion Stylist.

“You my dear, are going to get fashion lessons from me!” Renne said as she started walking towards the door. “Starting tomorrow!” Her voice almost echoed in the empty office along with the click of heels.


Words: Jaibala Rao

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