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Blurring the Line Between What Is And Is Not ‘Age-Appropriate’


We all too often are told that there are completely different styles for our 20s, 30s, 40s, and so on, so much so that it has become ingrained in our conscience that as soon as we turn a certain age, we have to dress in such a way that is deemed ‘appropriate’. It’s especially the widely known phrase ‘a sheep in a lamb’s wool’ that reinforces this ideology of sartorial propriety.

However, it is when we allow ourselves to become subject to these rules that we blithely forget what the essence of fashion is: that one is allowed to express who they are and who they want to be in what they wear. Indeed, it is the concept of ‘rules’ alone that limits this and reduces the very crux of style.

There are certain women whose fashion choices transcend the fragile notion of age-appropriate dressing, those for whom age is nothing but a number. Starting with the timeless grace of the Olsen twins and the individual stylings of Tavi Gevinson, straight through to the eternally youthful exuberance of the legend Diane Von Furstenberg. These women boldly exemplify their individual flair and reinforce the great power of what it means to be stylish, and age is in no way a constriction.

Anna Dello Russo to the left

Anna Dello Russo, the 52-year-old editor of Japanese Vogue has a young, socially engaged fan base that’s over half a million strong, but also Dello Russo rarely shies away from any style that’s au courant. She effortlessly is able to pull off the most difficult runway looks on the age spectrum of ‘school girl’ and ‘pretty ballerina’. Red lips have no expiration age according to Beatrix Ost, who shows no signs of her style fading at 74 as she often steps out in distinctive ensembles, and the 50-year-old Donatella Versace who has little difficulty in keeping up with younger fashion figures. Iris Apfel is an icon of fashion, and while she has a closet that’s brimming with a truly authentic archive of clothes, Iris Apfel is continuing to experiment with her looks at the age of 92.

It is the bold fashion choices that these women make that shed light on the truth that there are no rigid barriers between ages when it comes to deciding what we wear. One should be allowed the freedom to cultivate and refine their own rules and to indeed defy the very concept of ‘rules’. After all, it is fashion that gives us the luxury to design the lives we lead.


Words: Fatima Khan



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